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PM directs to initiate 14,000MW Solar Power Projects through Incentives

As a result of the costly electricity being generated using imported fuel, the government plans to launch solar power...

Aug 12 ·>
Solar Power

1 million Kashmir University Students & Teachers’ Data ‘hacked, put on sale’ on Dark Web

Reports and users of social media platforms claimed, a ‘threat actor’ by the name of “VictorLustig” uploaded the database...

Aug 12 ·>

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Install Solar-Powered Transportation System

According to reports from WealthPK, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has shown interest in transforming the present public and...

Aug 12 ·>
KPK Solar Buses

7 Techniques To Increase FPS on Your Computer & Boosts Its Gaming Performance

Console gamers cherish every bit of their life easily. Because the game developers keep in mind how a console...

Aug 12 ·>
FPS - Gaming

Crypto NFT trader made $80,000 by investing $1000 in one day

Most people have this stigma in mind about trading that you have to hold the assets and shares for...

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Aug 12 ·>
Crypto - NFT

Snapchat launches ‘Family Center’ to let parents see their teens’ messages, contacts

Snapchat launched its first parental control center on Tuesday, over ten months after a company executive told Congress that...

Aug 11 ·>

Meta Looks Forward to Expanding Privacy Features in Messenger, But is it Because of The *Nebraska abortion case?*

After WhatsApp, Meta is looking forward to introduce a bunch of privacy features in messenger, experts believe that this...

Aug 11 ·>

PTCL Collaborates with Nokia to trial 1-Terabit per second Optical Speed

The trial was carried out in a live network environment where the PTCL Metro Transport Network was upgraded to...

Aug 11 ·>

Scared to Buy a Samsung Watch For its Battery Health? Well, the Company Just Improved it in The Watch 5 Series

The Galaxy Watch 4 received quite the criticism for its poor battery, the company surely took the criticism positively,...

Aug 11 ·>

The Galaxy Z Flip 4; Smart Design, Great Improvements and The Same Old Price

Important upgrades such as a bigger battery, better camera hardware, and a better main display have been added. However,...

Aug 11 ·>

Crypto Supporters think NFT Cars are worth more than Real Ones

Assume you need to spend millions of dollars. If you like cars, you’ll probably buy the newest Ferrari, or...

Aug 11 ·>

Elon Musk’s Father is Proud of him and claims that he Misheard the interviewer last time

A few days ago, Elon Musk’s father, Errol Musk gave an interview to an Australian show “The Kyle and...

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Aug 11 ·>
Elon Musk

Making Pakistan Proud; Pakistani Filmmaker Hamza Baig Selected as a Mentee for Forecast 7 in Germany

Around 600 entries from 100 countries were sent in for the contest, 18 of which were finalized and only...

Aug 11 ·>
Hamza Baig