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Meet Sara Hassan, Team Lead and Principal Software Engineer at NetSol

I am sitting in a meeting room at the head office of NetSol Technologies in Lahore. It looks quite...

Sep 21 · >

Meet Zahra Khan, Team Lead and Project Manager at Arbisoft

On a hot and humid day of July, I enter into Arbisoft, a software development organization standing tall at...

Sep 20 · >

Careem unveils its new logo

Careem, ride-hailing service, has unveiled the new logo of its brand along with a tagline ‘Chalo, Let’s go’. The...

Sep 18 · >

This video on technology industry truly represents the state of Gender Diversity in Pakistani Workplaces

Punjab Information Technology Board has just recently released a video championing the promotion of Information Technology Industry of Pakistan....

Sep 15 · >

One important thing many startup founders easily ignore

A couple of days ago, I met a colleague and a mentor after 4 years. Things were very different...

Sep 1 · >

7 reasons you should start blogging now

Summer holidays are a good time to explore different avenues for your personal growth. Since you have a lot...

Aug 3 · >

Dear hiring manager, please read this.

Dear hiring manager, congratulations! You have hired a top notch individual with a salary half of his worth. You...

Jul 29 · >

Pakistani startup Travly raises USD 200,000 seed fund from CresVentures and Faisal Sherjan

The news of Travly raising funding has been circulating since January. However, the team had kept it under wraps...

Jul 22 · >

Marham, a healthcare startup, vows to transform health sector for good

In a matter of a few months, plenty of health segment startups have emerged in Pakistan. Why should they...

Jun 28 · >

Are we doing hackathons the wrong way in Pakistan?!

Before answering this we should understand what a hackathon is, A hackathon is essentially a programming event in which...

Jun 23 · >

A letter from the publisher, Fatima Rizwan

Hello readers! Today we have moved TechJuice to SSL. Which means that now your sessions on TechJuice will be...

Jun 22 · >

Pakistani application, Slide, garners 500,000 downloads

Just a few months ago, we reviewed a news mobile application named as Slide for our readers. It is...

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Apr 21 · >

In conversation with Humayun Mazhar, Founder & CEO of CresVentures

A few months ago, I was heading out of a meeting at a local hotel when I saw Humayun...

Apr 11 · >