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Mandatory Quran course for universities introduced by the Punjab Government

The Government of Punjab has introduced a mandatory Quran course, complete with Urdu translation, in both private and public...

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Jun 16 ·>

Apple sued over loot boxes found in their gaming applications

On Friday, the 12th of June, the American tech giants, Apple, were hit with a potential class action lawsuit...

Jun 15 ·>

Facebook researchers develop tool to convert code from one programming language to another

The researchers at Facebook claim to have developed an artificially intelligent program that converts programming code from one high...

Jun 10 ·>

PTA urges users to register their VPNs by the end of June – or face consequences

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued a public notice stating that all users must register their Virtual Private Networks...

Jun 9 ·>

Germany signs Rs700 million agreement on renewable energy with Pakistan

The turn of the century has brought with it a dire need for all countries to stress on finding...

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Jun 9 ·>

Pakistani aerospace engineer aims to revolutionise eco-friendly air travel

With each passing day, our fellow Pakistani brothers and sisters impress and amaze us by working towards the impossible...

Jun 8 ·>

Federal Government releases Rs 5.17 billion in IT and Telecom division funds so far this year

The federal government of Pakistan has recorded an investment of 5.17 billion rupees in the Information Technology and Telecom...

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Jun 8 ·>

Samsung’s new ‘Hand Wash’ app helps make hand washing a habit

As the world faces a pandemic and our daily lives are disturbed indefinitely, there are but a few rules...

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Jun 5 ·>

FDA issues EUA to the Fitbit Flow: a low-cost emergency ventilator

Fitbit had previously announced that they were shifting their supply chain to produce and distribute emergency-use ventilators; their CEO,...

Jun 4 ·>

Pinterest’s new feature allows users to buy and sell products

Pinterest is one of the leading websites when it comes to viewing and sharing images. Users can view many...

Jun 4 ·>

Samsung Galaxy Book S (2020) with an Intel chipset launched

Samsung has unveiled the new Galaxy Book S (2020) which now comes with an Intel chipset as opposed to...

Jun 1 ·>

Apple releases iOS 13.5, complete with COVID-19-specific features

Apple has released the latest update to their iPhone operating software, iOS 13.5. The update comes in the spirit...

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May 22 ·>

Experts fear greenhouse gas emission levels could be higher than before after lockdowns end

Once the lockdowns started all over the world, researchers all around started to wonder what the impacts of motor...

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May 21 ·>