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Top 5 mid range smartphone under 35,000 PKR

Looking for a new phone? Maybe your budget is around 35000 rupees, if that is so, we have some...

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May 13 · >

Would you be willing to self destruct your phone if stolen?

Kaboom! Ever wondered what happens to all your personal data if your phone gets lost or stolen? If your...

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May 10 · >

Here’s what people think of Conversational AI and Voice Technology

Voice Technology has been around for quite a while. But people don’t tend to use it that much. The...

May 6 · >

Facebook can help you to connect with your crush ?

It’s really a secret, until it’s not… In the Facebook Developers Conference, F8, held annually at San Jose, California,...

May 3 · >

WhatsApp bans 2M accounts to combat fake news

The Facebook-owned messenger service, WhatsApp announced on 6 February how it is stopping abusive and fake accounts. The move...

Feb 12 · >

PlayStation 5 reportedly getting backwards compatibility

Sony is keeping PS5 under a lot of wraps, and what news we do get is usually a rumor....

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Feb 4 · >

Fortnite finally gets Bluetooth controller support on mobile platforms

Fortnite players on iOS and Android have finally received controller support in the latest patch 7.30. Epic introduced the...

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Jan 31 · >

Dragon Ball Z is getting a new RPG title

Following the release of countless fighting games for the Dragon Ball Franchise, Bandai Namco has announced Project Z, a...

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Jan 30 · >

PUBG is getting a lite version

PUBG lite is in beta now but it is only available in Thailand. Currently, in order to play the...

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Jan 29 · >

BioWare answers all the Anthem demo hate

Anthem’s demo faced a slew of problems, like the infinite loading screens, connectivity issues, and various bugs to name...

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Jan 29 · >

Anthem’s Demo is different from the game, says Bioware

Anthem demo is live. But there are some things that distinguish it from the full game. Even gameplay differences....

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Jan 28 · >

How to get better weapon recoil in PUBG

Hardcore gamers figured out that the framerate of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds directly affects weapon recoil. For the past couple of...

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Jan 25 · >

Here is what we can expect from the upcoming seasons in Fortnite

Fortnite’s season 7 will be continuing for six weeks. This season, spanning across 12 weeks, is receiving updates to...

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Jan 24 · >