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An Engineering student who wants to explore Universe. She'd travelled to Mars 'in her fantasy'. Avid reader and researcher, She's a keen knowledge-seeker. You'll find her helpful. Follow her @NutzNb at twitter.

Nuzhat Sheikh

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Haris Khan – The Youngest Mobile App Developer in the World

Bygone are the days, when children would plead hanging out to gardens or playgrounds. The youngest geeks of this...

Mar 28 ·>

30 Reasons You Should Get Incubated For Your Startup

We are giving you 30 good reasons you should get incubated for your startup. 1) Who doesn’t want a...

Mar 25 ·>

Business Plan – What you need to know?

Business plan is an outlined form of goals and endeavors that a company or startup has to follow in...

Mar 23 ·>

10 Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs!

‘The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.’ With such bombastic beginning there’s no point left convincing you...

Feb 28 ·>

How To Raise Money On CrowdFunding Website?

Pitching your dream startup and setting off an online fundraising campaign is only half the battle. Finding people to...

Feb 18 ·>

Which Crowdfunding Website Will Work For You?

Ideas hatch in your mind anytime, anyplace – when you’re taking shower in a bathroom or while staring at...

Feb 16 ·>

Use These Apps To Surprise Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many couples would be searching ways to mark this day a memorable...

Feb 7 ·>

Google’s smart contact lens to define the future of medical!

Never have tactics and technology evolved so radically in the past. In terms of wearable devices, it has surpassed...

Jan 26 ·>

Tips on how to pitch a VC

Startup anticipated? Worrying and looking for ideas to make a perfect pitch to a Venture Capitalists or angel investors...

Jan 19 ·>

5 TED Talks for aspiring Entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs are being fancied as the leaders for future generations, resolving cut-throat-problematic issues by executing innovative solutions – they...

Jan 18 ·>

Seed Out: Vision to Create Sustainability!

At last, a highly anticipated startup, whose sole purpose is to alleviate poverty has rolled out this fall. Seed...

Dec 31 ·>