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Huawei founder, “There is no way US can crush us”

While Huawei continues to show signs of growth, many countries led by US have started to boycott Huawei. Earlier...

Feb 20 ·>
Huawei Founder

Samsung has more than 10 times greater market share than Apple in Pakistan

While globally Apple is the third largest smartphone maker, Pakistan is a different story. To give you a better...

Feb 19 ·>

People may soon need your permission to add you in WhatsApp groups

Groups have been one of WhatsApp’s most popular feature. On the flip side, many have been annoyed by constantly...

Feb 19 ·>

LinkedIn finally adds live video streaming with LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn is the biggest social platform dedicated to professionals and hirings. With around 600 million customers, many have wondered...

Feb 12 ·>

Asad Umar: We are chasing PayPal

Getting PayPal in Pakistan has been on the agenda of the current government since day one. But after a...

Feb 11 ·>

Pakistan Post enters ecommerce with its new facility

Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Murad Saeed, took the stage at Pakistan Post Islamabad office on Saturday...

Feb 11 ·>

Microsoft tries to convince people to stop using Internet Explorer

In a world dominated by Google Chrome, anything else has become a liability and a hassle. The proof being...

Feb 10 ·>

Government plans to reimpose taxes on mobile recharge cards

In wake of poor economic conditions, the government has decided to pitch a new formula before the supreme court...

Feb 10 ·>

The kid who discovered the Facetime bug might be rewarded with up to $200,000!

Apple has decided to reward the boy who discovered the Facetime bug and reported it to them. Grant Thompson,...

Feb 9 ·>
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Shocking: Popular iPhone apps are recording user screens without asking for permission

A new report by TechCrunch along with App Analyst has revealed that many popular apps on iOS have been...

Feb 8 ·>
iPhone Ban

This is what is killing startups in Pakistan according to Umar Saif

Umar Saif is one of most accomplished personalities of Pakistan and no one can deny his services to advance...

Feb 8 ·>
Umar Saif

AI will replace a huge chunk of human force by 2030

We know how AI has made lives better. Not only can it perform tasks better and faster, but it...

Feb 6 ·>

6 things to do to improve the startup ecosystem according to Umar Saif

Startup culture is kicking off in Pakistan but it is in infancy. Umar Saif was one of the few...

Feb 6 ·>