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Alert – Zong is intercepting web traffic to install scripts on websites

It has been discovered just recently that Zong, one of the leading network operators in Pakistan, has been automatically...

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Mar 20 ·>

Xiaomi is officially coming to Pakistan

The long wait is finally over. The trend setting Chinese smartphone company is officially making its way to Pakistan...

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Mar 20 ·>

How I had to wait 60 thousand minutes to unlock my Lumia smartphone

The popular Lumia smartphone series by Microsoft came out in 2011. The flag bearer for the Windows mobile platform...

Mar 20 ·>

The top 5 smartphones that you can buy under 30,000 PKR

In our last editions of the TechJuice Smartphone buying guide, we covered the best smartphones that you can get...

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Mar 15 ·>
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The battle of the Android flagships 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Xiaomi Mi 5 vs. LG G5 vs. Sony Xperia X Performance

MWC 2016 kicked off on the 27th February 2016 and it left us with an amazing set of smartphones...

Mar 15 ·>
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Top 5 smartphones that you can buy under 20,000 PKR

This is the latest edition of our smartphone buyer guide. Recently, we listed out the top 5 smartphones under...

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Mar 9 ·>
Smartphone QMobile

This trick to bypass an iPhone 6’s lock screen is fooling the media

Update: A previous version of the story said that the it is a security vulnerability, but it is not. The...

Mar 7 ·>
iPhone 6

Meet the Vivo Xplay 5 Elite – the first smartphone to feature 6 GBs of RAM

Yes, you heard that right. It’s not the Samsung S7, not the LG G5, not the Sony Xperia X,...

Mar 7 ·>

The top 5 smartphones that you can buy under 10,000 PKR

Previously, we compiled together a laptop buying guide series for the best laptops under the 50K, 100K, and 150K...

Feb 29 ·>
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5 laptops that you can buy under 150K easily in Pakistan

Disclaimer: These laptops have been chosen according to their availability and pricing in Pakistan. As with the previous lists,...

Feb 22 ·>
Featured Laptop

5 laptops that you can buy under 100K easily in Pakistan

Previously, we listed the top 5 laptops that you can buy under 50K. Today, we’re moving on towards the...

Feb 15 ·>
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5 laptops that you can buy under 50K easily in Pakistan

In today’s modern age, technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Focusing particularly on computer systems, we see new...

Feb 11 ·>

These are the things people often ignore when choosing local smartphones over popular international brands

Local smartphone brands have been deemed, by our public, as the economical way of getting hands on a smartphone....

Feb 2 ·>