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Government suspends Internet Services in 3 districts of Balochistan

The government of Pakistan has temporarily suspended the internet services i.e. wireless data services, 3G, 4G/LTE, GPRS of Cellular...

Oct 11 · >

Huawei to test Android Oreo in Mate 9 with public beta

Huawei’s fans are excited for the launch of the most anticipated Mate 10, which is less than a week...

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Oct 11 · >

Cryptocurrencies bear serious risks and are backing Terrorism; claims Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned exchanges dealing in the cryptocurrency system, saying they might be used for backing...

Oct 11 · >

Russia to ban websites offering crypto-currencies

Russia is planning to prevent access to exchange websites which are dealing in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. The decision...

Oct 10 · >

Youtube bans videos showing guns’ modification after Vegas incident

In the wake of the brutal killings by shooting in Las Vegas, YouTube has decided to ban videos presenting...

Oct 10 · >

Microsoft engineer develops a Bot which tweets swear words from GitHub

Developers are humans and they have an aptitude for dishing out witty remarks even at those places where it...

Oct 10 · >