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Xiaomi claims a Guinness World record by opening 500 stores on a single day

Xiaomi is proving that its dominance doesn’t just lie on online campaigns, the company opened up more than 500...

Nov 21 · 47 sec read >

Top-end Samsung Galaxy S10 could have 6 cameras

Just when you thought Nokia may be overdoing it with a 5 camera Nokia 9, Recent rumors suggest the...

Nov 21 · 52 sec read >

You may soon be able to comment on Google Search results

We may soon be able to comment on Google search results as per the recent findings by 9to5Google in...

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Nov 20 · 48 sec read >

Xiaomi acquires Meitu’s smartphone business as profits go up

Xiaomi has seen significant growth in profits, especially in smartphone sales and it is taking steps to maintain that...

Nov 20 · 53 sec read >

Google Chromecasts can now play music across multiple rooms

A new update is rolling out to Chromecasts today that will allow them to play music across multiple rooms...

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Nov 20 · 42 sec read >

Mobile Phones imports see a 6.2% growth in FY2018-2019

According to recent statistics, mobile phone imports across the country have seen a 6.2% growth this year. These imports...

Nov 19 · 46 sec read >

Apple CEO predicts a new tech regulation is coming for data protection

In light of recent data breaches and the ever-growing influence of technology companies throughout the world, Apple CEO Tim...

Nov 19 · 50 sec read >

Rate your facial expressions against an emoji using this app from Microsoft

Emoji8 is an app developed by Microsoft that uses Machine Learning to evaluate your facial expressions and rate them...

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Nov 19 · 41 sec read >

Android 9.0 Pie beta is now available on Galaxy S9 and S9+

Android 9.0 Pie beta version is available on US and South Korean models of the Galaxy S9 and S9+....

Nov 19 · 40 sec read >

Tumblr removed from iOS App Store due to issues

Tumblr app is missing from the Apple App Store due to an issue which the company is currently trying...

Nov 19 · 48 sec read >

Comment on Nokia’s Community Forum and win a trip to Dubai

Nokia is inviting fans to attend its next event in Dubai and a lucky few will get a chance...

Nov 16 · 34 sec read >

Top 3 free courses on iOS app development

iOS remains one of the most popular mobile operating systems, second only to Android. If you are wondering how...

Nov 16 · 1 min read >

Jeff Bezos predicts Amazon will fail one day

Amazon is just shy of a $1 trillion market value and CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in...

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Nov 16 · 49 sec read >