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Twitter is going to change the way it counts characters in tweets

Most avid Twitter users are aware of the 140 characters limit applied to each tweet. While it may annoy...

Sep 14 ·>

4 biggest features and changes coming to iOS 10

Although it will take some time before users, especially the ones in Pakistan, will be able to get their...

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Sep 13 ·>

PIA issues warning against carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during travel

After US safety commission issued a press release barring its readers from using their Galaxy Note 7 the other...

Sep 11 ·>

Comparison of 3G/4G packages in Pakistan

The introduction of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan has helped further the process of technological evolution. Customers have...

Sep 11 ·>

4 reasons I think Uber’s surge pricing makes sense

Being a Pakistani citizen, you might have a very good idea about the condition of public transport in Pakistan. There...

Sep 10 ·>

US safety commission advises against use of Galaxy Note 7 devices

Galaxy Note 7 was a masterstroke from Samsung. Released before iPhone 7, with beautiful design and great features; it...

Sep 10 ·>
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Google for Publishers: An overview of Google’s latest event in Pakistan

So it finally happened; Google did set its foot in Pakistan. Well, it kind of did. Why kind of?...

Sep 10 ·>

iPhone 7 base model will cost 90k upon launch in Pakistan

You are probably aware by now that refresh for iPhone devices has been announced for the year 2016. Most...

Sep 9 ·>
iPhone 7

Google shows off battery life improvements in Chrome in a new comparison video

Ever since Windows 10 came out, Microsoft has been boasting about battery life optimizations and memory management of their...

Sep 8 ·>
Google Chrome

5 highest paying programming languages right now

If you are a programmer and about to enter the market for job search, an important concern for you...

Sep 7 ·>

Is buying a Chromebook in Pakistan worth it?

When it comes to buying laptops, most people think there are only two options – Windows or MacBooks. While...

Sep 7 ·>

iPhone7 Rumor Roundup: 6 things to expect

It’s that time of the year at last, iPhone7 is launching. Some people are excited, while some don’t care...

Sep 6 ·>