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What are Bitcoins?

In the previous discussion, I talked about cryptocurrencies in general and I also promised to discuss Bitcoins. It is...

Aug 7 · >

Hackers withdraw $142,000 worth of bitcoin ransom

WannaCry hackers have withdrawn more than $142,000 worth of bitcoins, which were collected as a ransom through the cyber...

Aug 4 · >

Bitcoin is now split into two

Bitcoin is now split into two: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This event happened when a section of its community...

Aug 4 · >

This is the world’s first retailer to accept cryptocurrency only

A café in Prague is the world’s first retailer to accept cryptocurrency only. Compared to other modern retailers, accepting...

Aug 1 · >

Cryptocurrency 101

Cryptocurrency is the talk of the town now, it’s everywhere, from thousands of digital coin ATMs installed over the...

7 YouTube hacks you should know

YouTube has taken a very important place in our lives. Irrespective of what we do or where we live,...

Jul 21 · >

5 websites every student should start using today

You wake up with great effort to go to college where you find yourself sleeping through dull lectures. You...

Jul 19 · >

5 ways to be a great leader

Long before anyone knew him, a young man named Edhi, stood on the road in Karachi and asked for...

Jul 12 · >

5 reasons why I am looking forward to Galaxy Note 8

Samsung releases its flagship Note each year in IFA, an industrial exhibition held in Berlin. But this year Samsung...

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