Axact Fake Degrees Scam: Shoaib Shaikh arrested & a case filed against organization

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May 27, 2015
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Federal Investigation Authority(FIA) has decided to file an FIR against Axact after finding thousands of fake degrees at, apparently, a secret Axact office in Karachi. FIA Sindh Director Shahid Hayat disclosed the news along with fake degrees and several other material which will be used as an evidence against Axact.

In addition to six directors of the company, Shoaib Shaikh CEO of Axact has also been arrested.The raid and arrest happened on Tuesday, late night. Following the New York Times report on Axact’s secret dealings, interior minister of Pakistan, Ch Nisar had asked FIA to investigate the matter. After which FIA had called Shoaib for interrogation at its headquarters. He will now have to present himself in the court within 24 hours. Meanwhile, Axact offices in Karachi have been sealed.


The video of Axact CEO, Shoaib Shaikh, has surfaced on the web after his arrest. In the video, he claims that the police has vandalized their office premises and tortured him and his employees.Apparently, no TV channel has aired this video. You can see the video below.

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