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Bramerz has partnered with Zanroo to launch localized digital media listening tool

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Bramerz Group, Pakistan’s popular full-service digital agency, has partnered with Zanroo, the world’s fastest growing marketing technology (MarTech) company to bring its coveted platform and its social listening tool to Pakistan.

Zanroo is a Thailand-born MarTech company that was founded in 2013. It developed a social listening tool that identifies real-time trending conversation topics. Since its inception, it has become the top listening platform in Thailand and rapidly growing throughout the Asia Pacific with a strong presence in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Japan. Zanroo has helped over 300 leading brands such as L’Oreal, PepsiCo, Thai Air, DTAC Thailand, etc. covering different industry sectors from FMCG and Agriculture to Banking and Automotive.

Pakistan has over 60 million online users with an internet penetration rate of 27% which highlights the fact that the country has a fast-growing online population. With the rapid increase in social media usage in the country, consumers are expressing/sharing their opinions (about products) that makes it important for companies to listen. This rise in social media activity means that brands need to understand customer’s needs, as well as how to engage with them. Therefore, with a social listening tool such as Zanroo, Bramerz will be able to gain valuable insights required to expand and optimize different brands’ marketing strategies and brand perceptions. This will also allow Bramerz to conduct real-time competitive analysis and online market research without having to conduct face-to-face focus groups and traditional surveys.

In addition to listening and analyzing English at very high speed, Bramerz has trained Zanroo engine to listen and analyze Urdu and Minglish (Roman Urdu) as well which makes it the 1st such tool for the local market. It will provide a realistic view of how the consumers view a specific brand and business along with its competitors. With the presence of a multilingual localized dictionary, it will become easier for brands to listen to the conversations, as people make use of both languages in their conversations. Moreover, the tool also gives an insight on what people are talking about any trending issue or event providing cutting edge and near real-time crisis management.

Bramerz, a Google AdWords and Facebook Blueprint certified agency, already offers a variety of digital solutions & services to its clients. With this new partnership, they are going to offer more cutting-edge solutions to all the brands in Pakistan. Here are some of the sectors where this tool can be implemented,


With this technology, Bramerz aims to help brands obtain the right data to make insightful decisions. By listening onto the conversation the audience has with each other, we can pinpoint those exact steps needed to reach the further mile. Get in on the real-time conversations, find influencers and measure your share of voice with this intuitive tool.

Telecom Companies

For every telecommunication company, it is highly important to know what their consumer is talking about to expand and modify their strategy. Therefore, with a social listening tool like Zanroo, companies will be able to gain valuable insights required to expand and optimize different strategies & improve brand perception.

Service Industry

In the ever-changing world of the service industry, the opinion of the consumer is what drives the success of any business. In order to help with the understanding of the consumer mind, with a tool such as this, businesses in the service industry can easily measure brand health, identify influencers and brand advocates, manage crisis along with developing the product as well.


Politics are ever evolving and there is always a rise and fall to its online conversation. Getting in on the conversation and knowing how to take the situation forward can be managed by social listening. With this tool you can easily track real-time conversations, spot trends, measure the share of voice & gain valuable insights.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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