A little bit about myself

Hello! I am Kalsoom Lakhani. I am the Founder and CEO of Pakistan’s premier accelerator for social impact startups, Invest2Innovate. Invest2Innovate supports startups and the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem in growth markets.

I have also trained young entrepreneurs, changemakers, and civil society leaders in Cambodia, Ireland, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, and have spoken at numerous venues, including the World Economic Forum, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. State Department, and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

I have a deep passion for building this country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Since the inception of Invest2Innovate, I (along with my team) have worked with dozens of startups. The accelerated startups have gone on to raise over 1 million dollars in funding and have created almost 1000 jobs.

I am interested in talking about:

  1. Pakistan’s entrepreneurship ecosystem
  2. Building startup communities
  3. Raising investments
  4. The investor’s landscape in growth markets
  5. Building a company
  6. The applications for our 5th class have just opened, you can ask questions about it as well.

So, ask away! I will try my best to answer all of you. 🙂

Proof – here

Hello everyone, I am Maryam Dodhy and I will be moderating this AMA for Kalsoom. Let’s keep the conversation as friendly as possible. 🙂

We are now taking questions for this AMA. You can either submit your questions now in the comments section below or do the same on Monday 16th, 8PM. In either case, you will have an equal chance to get a reply! Also, it is up to Kalsoom’s discretion to answer or not answer any question.

I can also send you a reminder email about this session as soon as we go live. You can subscribe here.

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