Pakistani ecommerce stores are selling iPhone X for as much as 200,000 PKR

Written by Uzair Khalid ·  52 sec read >
iPhone X stolen UPS truck

iPhone X has been launched internationally and people literally waited for hours in queues to get their hands on the new iPhone before anyone else. The phone’s pre-orders were started at the end of October and it went out of stock in less than an hour.

The official price of iPhone X is $999 for 64 GB model and $1,149 for 256 GB model. But as you may know that Apple does not officially launch the iPhone in Pakistan so there is no official price for our country. Hence, every site is selling the iPhone X at its own decided prices and people are left with the only option to buy at ecommerce stores decided prices.

For instance, iShopping is offering the 256 GB version of the iPhone for Rs. 190,000. That’s nearly 2 lac rupees and you can get an excellent gaming laptop with that money. The 64 GB version of the iPhone is offered for Rs. 160,000 by the same site. Similarly, HomeShopping is offering the 256 GB version for Rs. 186,000 and the 64 GB version is offered at Rs. 157,000. Shophive has gone even further and is offering the 256GB iPhone X for Rs. 200,000 and 64 GB for Rs. 175,000. Not to mention some other sites which are offering the iPhone in the same range.

As you can see that there is no fixed price and every site is demanding a different price for the same iPhone. Do you think that there should be a check in Pakistan so that the variable prices can be controlled?

Written by Uzair Khalid
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