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Microsoft Teams and Outlook Faces Massive Disruption

Speaking about the disruption, Microsoft Corp said that it is still investigating the issues which impacted thousands of Teams and Outlook user globally

Users of the Microsoft Teams and Outlook recently experienced massive disruptions, thousands of users from all over the world faced issues while using the services. As of now, Microsoft has not released an exact number for the disruption but released a statement saying that they are currently investigating reasons behind the disruption.

An outage tracker named ‘down detector’ estimated around 3,900 incidents in India and over 900 in Japan. While India and Japan were majorly impacted, reports also show small amounts of outages in Australia, Britain and the United Arab Emirates.

According to details, users were unable to use most features in the applications throughout the outage. This included sending a message, joining a call or almost every other team feature.

Users took it to Twitter and announced their problems with the apps, the hashtag #microsoftteams soon became a Twitter trend.

Used by over 280 million globally, Microsoft teams is a crucial communication tool for many professionals all over the world. A lot of corporate systems depend on the application and use it for daily tasks such as making calls, scheduling meetings and organizing their workflow.


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