New York Times Report: Pakistani Software Company Axact Caught in Biggest International Degree Scam

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Earlier today, The New York Times, published a detailed report on educational websites offering fake online degrees and alleged Pakistani company, Axact as the mastermind behind the scam. Axact known to be one of the biggest software companies of Pakistan operates in Karachi with over 2,000 employees. According to the report, Axact generates tens of millions of dollars in revenue through selling fake academic degrees via 370 websites which portray to be an American educational institute.

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The report further claimed that former employees of Axact confirmed that telephone sales agents work around the clock to deal with shady customers who pay for fake degrees or manipulate innocent people who are seeking for real education. These sale agents often impersonate American government officials to show authenticity and boost profits. Most of the professors and students in promotional videos are actors who have made repeated appearance in ads of different schools. Moreover, the report said that Axact employees plant fictional reports about the fake Axact universities on a CNN citizen journalism section, iReport. The scam is further made legit through LinkedIn accounts of fake faculty members boosting big titles.

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The New York Times report added that the estimated revenues of several million dollars per month are cycled through a network of offshore companies. Proxy Internet services, legal tactics and lack of regulation in Pakistan has helped Axact in setting up this fake educational empire.

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Axact has denied all accusations and submitted a letter through a lawyer to The New York Times for reporting half-cooked stories and conspiracy theories. We will keep you updated and try to get in touch with Axact team for their word on that.

Update: Axact’s Official Response

Axact has for the first time gone ahead to respond to the allegations of a story that has been making rounds on the internet today. Read here what Axact has to say.

Read out the full report on The New York Times.


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