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A hacker takes over the plane through the in-flight entertainment system

Security researcher Chris Roberts sent out the following tweet during a flight and those 140 characters landed him behind...

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May 18 ·>

New York Times Report: Pakistani Software Company Axact Caught in Biggest International Degree Scam

Earlier today, The New York Times, published a detailed report on educational websites offering fake online degrees and alleged...

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May 18 ·>

10 Internship Opportunities for Developers & Designers

Summer vacations are around the corner. If you are a developer or a designer in making who is contemplating...

May 18 ·>
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Messiah secures angel investments at Digital Youth Summit 2015

Messiah was offered an undisclosed amount of funding from two Pakistani-American investors, Shubber Ali & Kash Rehman and from...

May 17 ·>
Messiah was offered an undisclosed amount of funding from two Pakistani-American investors, Shubber Ali & Kash Rehman and from a Jordan-based investment company, Oasis 500 at Digital Youth Summit (DYS) 2015. *TechJuice *reached out to the Founder of Messiah app, Ebtihaj Khan for the details on their startup which has gained tremendous attention in the past few months. Messiah is an emergency responder app designed to relay distress signal to friends, family or fellow Messiahs in case of an accident or an emergency. The idea of Messiah was born in Code for Pakistan's Civic Hackathon held in Peshawar last year where the team stood second. They were offered to participate in 6-month Code for Pakistan's Peshawar fellowship program which, according to Ebtihaj, helped a lot in gaining the attention of both local and international investors. See also: Raising the first million for your startup and clueless about where to begin? Here are 7 lessons from Digital Youth Summit ( Speaking of the angel investment at DYS 2015, Ebtihaj told *TechJuice* that the details for the investment has not been finalized yet. He added that the investment from the Oasis-500 was already in talk after they won the Bootcamp earlier this year, but it was put on hold as they came back to Pakistan. They will have to incubate at Oasis 500 for 100 days in order to receive the investment. However, Messiah has not yet signed any investment agreement with either of the investors. See also: Digital Youth Summit 2015: Panel Discussion Revealed horrifying facts about Cyber Crime Bill ( *TechJuice *asked Ebtihaj about the reasons in the delay of the launch of the Messiah app. He pointed out that the main reason for the delay is the fulfillment of the testing procedures for the application; otherwise, the application is fully developed to be launched on both Android and iOS platform. He added that currently they have around 50 beta users within the Peshawar region and they will soon launch the applications. While talking about the future of Messiah, Ebtihaj shared with *TechJuice* that they will bring more functionalities to Messiah in addition to one-click messenger such as Accident detection mode. *Keep following TechJuice for more updates on Messiah application. *

Pakathon DC announces a series of civic hacking and startup events for global hackathon 2015

Pakathon DC organized a successful weekend hackathon in September last year where students from Pakistan and USA solved Pakistani...

May 17 ·>

Islamabad Police implements Emergency Panic Alert System for security of schools, hospitals, churches & media houses

Islamabad police in collaboration with Save the Nation has successfully developed an Emergency Panic Alert System (EPAS) for the...

May 17 ·>

Debunking the myth of Sexiest Men and World’s most beautiful Capital City – Never trust the social media!

If you use any of the major social media platforms, chances are that you might have seen a picture,...

May 17 ·>

Samsung to Launch Marvel’s Avengers Lineup for Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphones

Last night, Samsung Electronics tweeted a teaser photograph of an upcoming Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge...

May 16 ·>

Habab Idrees becomes the 1st Pakistani to receive dual honor at Intel ISEF 2015

Earlier this year, TechJuice reported the winners for Intel Pakistan National Science Competition who were to represent Pakistan at...

May 16 ·>
Habab Idrees Second Prize ISEF (1)

Solar Powered ATMs to provide clean drinking water in Pakistan

We all have used or heard about ATMs for drawing cash, but now we will be able to get...

May 15 ·>

Mark Zuckerberg post with a controversial map anger Indians.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to take a lot of heat when he earlier today shared an update about...

May 15 ·>
Inside The F8 Facebook Developers Conference

Facebook Launches Instant Articles: A Faster Way To Read Your Favorite Content On Your Smartphone

We reported earlier that Facebook will introduce Instant Articles this month with select partners. Well, the wait is over....

May 15 ·>

RoboCup 2015: Team Pakistan, the only team from South-Asia, Qualifies

Team-NUST, Pakistan is the only team from South Asia which has been qualified for “RoboCup 2015 Standard Platform League...

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May 14 ·>
Team Pakistan Qualitified for Robocup 2015