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Nexus 7 (2013) – Review

Nexus 7 (2013) is unquestionably one of the best 7 inch tablet you can have right now. Being a...

Feb 3 ·>
Nexus 7

5 Web Design Resources to Get You Started

A basic knowledge of Web design always comes in handy whether it is for designing your own blog or...

Feb 2 ·>

GIST Tech Connect, Live Webcast Organized by WDL at U.E.T

On Wednesday, 29th January, Women’s Digital League organized a live webcast straight from GIST Headquarters in Washington DC. GIST,...

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Jan 31 ·>

18th Edition of SOFTEC eagerly awaited this March!

FAST – NUCES brings its famed SOFTEC (Software Exhibition and Competition) Event for you all. SOFTEC aims to bridge the...

Jan 27 ·>

Code for Pakistan – Youth Comes Forward to Help the Country

Pakistanis are working hard to make a name for themselves in the world, a few have succeeded but there...

Jan 26 ·>

Google’s smart contact lens to define the future of medical!

Never have tactics and technology evolved so radically in the past. In terms of wearable devices, it has surpassed...

Jan 26 ·>

Lahore Hackathon by Code for Pakistan – Day 2

The 2nd Day of Civic-Hackathon: Lunch break over, all workshops conducted, the atmosphere techi; and all teams busy  hacking...

Jan 25 ·>

Can Normandy Project Change Nokia’s Future?

Nokia Normandy Nokia Normandy isn’t a flagship device or one to boast incredible specifications but it has gathered a...

Jan 24 ·>

Pakistan Innovation Fund: Driving Pakistan towards a Bigger Dream

All over the world, Governments are putting in great effort to encourage students in STEM. Research in Science is...

Jan 24 ·>

Best Android Apps of 2013

Apps, the Play Store is full of them, but the best ones are always a few. Few that win...

Jan 22 ·>

Legendary Tech Leaders and What Startups can learn from them

We have been writing for some time about how to start a small business, how to look for capital...

Jan 21 ·>

QMobile to feature Angelina Jolie in their next TVC!

From the day we first got wind of QMobile’s decision to hire Kareena Kapoor, an acclaimed Bollywood actress, we...

Jan 20 ·>

Tips on how to pitch a VC

Startup anticipated? Worrying and looking for ideas to make a perfect pitch to a Venture Capitalists or angel investors...

Jan 19 ·>