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Shophive offers Installment Plan to its Customers

There is no shortage of eCommerce websites in Pakistan. In fact, as more people are jumping on the bandwagon...

May 24 ·>

Twitter Blocks ‘Blasphemous’ Tweets in Pakistan

The online social-networking and microblogging site, Twitter, has honored five requests brought forward by Abdul Batin of Pakistan Telecommunication...

May 23 ·>

Shophive Revamps to a Better and Optimized Web Design

Shophive is one of the leading gadget buying e-commerce website of the country. Shophive can be considered the pioneer...

May 23 ·>

Digital Youth Summit: Inspiration, Guidance and Motivation

The biggest Digital Conference held till date in KP concluded yesterday, leaving hundreds inspired and motivated to make KP...

May 23 ·>

FAST NUCES ACM Student Chapter Wins Intl. Excellence Award

FAST NUCES ACM Lahore Chapter has recently won the ACM Excellence Award 2013-14 in the category of “OUTSTANDING CHAPTER ACTIVITIES”...

May 23 ·>

New Facebook Feature to Identify Music, TV Shows & Movies

In an official blog post on Wednesday, Facebook announced that it’ll roll out its new feature for the smartphone...

May 22 ·>

Facebook Aims to Make Cleaning Up Malware Easier

People share via social media more than any other channel. But with social media exploits of personal and corporate...

May 22 ·>
facebook malware

A University Student Arrested for Publishing Girls Photos on Facebook

We have seen several cases of online bullying and social media harassment, threats and blackmailing in Pakistan. Pages like...

May 21 ·>
umt student arrested

Google beat Apple as the World’s Most Valuable Brand

Apple is out, Google is in. The two tech titans have been competing for the title of the world’s most...

May 21 ·>

3G and 4G License Award Ceremony to be Held on May 22nd

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has indicated that recently auctioned 3G and 4G licenses will be awarded to the telecom...

May 21 ·>

Microsoft Unveils the 12-inch Surface Pro 3

Amidst the on-going battle of powerful devices that feature a large-enough form factor to be both productive and portable,...

May 20 ·>

The Geo Verdict: Does Social Media Represent the True Voice of People?

The past few weeks have narrowed the noose around Geo’s neck, a massive media organization. On April 23rd, Ministry...


7 Pakistani Tumblrs You Should Follow

What do you call a place where blogging and social networking meet with a lot of animated GIFs? –...

May 20 ·>