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10 types of Pakistani Entrepreneurs you will meet at your next Hackathon

The word entrepreneur is used loosely these days. Hackathons are one of the biggest example of an event where...

May 12 ·>

Meet Tick, UET’s Incubator

The number of Pakistanis who are thinking about starting their own business is increasing and therefore it isn’t surprising...

May 12 ·>

A Conversation With A Budding Entrepreneur, KickStoro Founder Azm Dar

What do people usually do after getting a good degree from a reputable institute? Well, they usually settle on...

May 11 ·>

Pakistani Startup Asli Goli is second runner up at Startup Asia Singapore!

Asli Goli, a startup backed by i2i competed in Startup Asia Singapore and became the only Pakistani Startup to...

May 8 ·>
Startup Asia Singapore

5 Pakistani Mobile Apps That Recently Caught Our Eye

We might have exchanged our old name The AppJuice for TechJuice but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten all about...

May 8 ·>

Hometown Rebrands to Markhor

Hometown Shoes has rebranded to Markhor. The new website can be accessed here. Hometown Shoes is a startup that...

May 7 ·>

LG’s latest HomeChat service lets owners interact with home appliances

LG’s new interesting service HomeChat lets consumers communicate with its latest range of smart home appliances including refrigerators, washing...

May 7 ·>

Mobile Apps that Let You See Through Walls

Ever wished that your smartphone could give you a super-vision? Imagine using it to shatter the barriers to see...

May 7 ·>
Mobile Apps

Run Sheeda Run, A Truly Desi Game

Update: The application has been released for public, you can check out our review of the game here. A...

May 6 ·>
Run Sheeda Run

National Assembly Passes Resolution to Lift YouTube Ban

This just in: National Assembly of Pakistan unanimously passes a resolution to lift the ongoing YouTube ban in the...

May 6 ·>

Shah Ji – A Digital Entrepreneur Transforms His Life and Others

In 2009 married couple Hasnain Shah and Shazia Jilani suffered a tremendous setback. While looking for alternative means of...

May 6 ·>

What Is The Difference Between 4G & 4G LTE?

Warid, a major telecom service in Pakistan has been sending messages to its users giving them the news of...

May 5 ·>

PlanX, the new Accelerator by Plan 9 is Around the Corner

Plan9 is an organization with big aims. Since its inception, it has not only worked hard in producing some...

May 5 ·>