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Samsung Galaxy J7 2015

Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 23,999. The price was updated on 27th April, 2021....

Apr 25 ·>

Samsung Galaxy J5 2015

Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 16,699. The price was updated on 27th April, 2021....

Apr 25 ·>

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 13,999. The price was updated on 27th April, 2021....

Apr 25 ·>

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime price in Pakistan is Rs. 12,599. You can read price, specifications, latest reviews and rooting...

Apr 24 ·>

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 13,199. The price was updated on 27th April,...

Apr 24 ·>

How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The fact that you can trim your usage experience on an Android is never overrated. Essentially, Android is an...

Apr 8 ·>

Samsung Galaxy S8 will go on sale from April 21st

According to some reports, Samsung will start shipping the latest Galaxy devices worldwide from 21st of April. This information...

Feb 23 ·>
Samsung Galaxy S8

Over 150,000 printers hacked to warn users

A hacker named ‘StackOverflowin’ hijacked more than 150,000 printers globally in order to warn users about a critical vulnerability....

Feb 7 ·>

WhatsApp video calling scam viral in Pakistan

Just recently, WhatsApp, popular messaging application, launched video calling feature for users worldwide. But there is a catch here,...

Nov 18 ·>
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ERUPT, Pakistan’s business idol is taking applications for the grand competition

Pakistan has been witnessing an increasing trend towards entrepreneurship, specially in youth. Quality startups are being founded at an...

Oct 20 ·>

HEC being given Rs. 91 billion for promoting research and higher education

The government is releasing around Rs. 91 billion to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in order to promote and...

Aug 18 ·>

This is the world’s biggest telescope and China is using it to find aliens

China finally finished the installation of the world’s biggest telescope this week and will be using it to discover...

Jul 6 ·>

Samsung grabs 100 Awards at Consumer Electronics Show 2016

Samsung Electronics has won 38 CES 2016 Innovation Awards and more than 60 Best of CES Awards at the...

Jan 11 ·>

Apple Siri will now answer calls for you

Apple has always been appreciated for their efforts of thinking outside the box. Now, the company wants Siri to...

Aug 4 ·>

5 Brilliant iOS 9 Features That Were Worth Waiting For

Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) was held yesterday, while the show did not reveal any new hardware, we...

Jun 10 ·>

How to Register Your Business Online in Pakistan

If you’re someone looking for the online registration of your company in Pakistan. You’re at the right platform. This...

Jun 2 ·>

Samsung Sweeps Up 80 Awards at CES 2015

Samsung is a name synonymous with quality, elegance and beauty. Their line of LED TV’s, smartphones and other products...

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Jan 12 ·>

Everything you Need to Know About the Nexus 9 Leak

Apple’s biggest event came and went but Google has been awfully quiet over the past few months. Even the...

Sep 22 ·>

15 awesome Android Tablet Games you can’t miss

Android tablets are great devices. They are devices with big screen, powerful internals, and lasting battery that can get...

Dec 15 ·>

25 Beautifully designed Android Apps to download

Apps are the backbone of the Android Mobile Operating System and the android app library is very vast, apps...

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The AppJuice’s Smartphone buyers guide – November 2013

It’s November, and in the past month, we have seen some latest smartphone releases from manufacturers. Choosing a right...

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25 Android Apps you should download

Smartphones are called so because they have been designed to make our mobile and life experience better. There is...

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Must have Android Apps