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No, Google Pixel is not giving you unlimited Photos storage forever

Last year when Google released the Pixel phones, it announced that Pixel users will get unlimited Google Photos storage...

Oct 5 ·>

Google can now erase watermarks from photos with its new Algorithm

Google researchers have developed an Algorithm to erase watermarks from a photo. The newly created Algorithm can automatically detect...

Aug 21 ·>

Facebook and Ray-Ban introduce smart glasses that can take calls, photos and more

In recent news, Facebook and Ray-Ban have teamed up to introduce its much-anticipated product called the ‘Ray-Ban Stories ’...

Sep 13 ·>

Here’s Everything That Was Announced At Google I/O 2021

This year Google went heavy with the ‘building something cool’ part as the company revealed some of the most...

May 19 ·>

Google Earth’s latest Timelapse feature shows the damning effects of climate change around 40 years

Google Earth users can now see the chilling effect of climate change over the past four decades. Google’s latest...

Apr 22 ·>

This ‘Deep Nostalgia’ tool will bring old photos of your loved ones to life

You can now make photos come to life with the help of MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia tool which has created...

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Apr 8 ·>

Google finally adds iOS’s privacy labels to Gmail

In 2020, Apple had announced that iOS 14 would be more focused on user privacy and transparency around iOS...

Feb 23 ·>

Relive your memories in 3D using Google Photo’s new AI

Google has just unveiled a new feature that it will be launching on the Google Photos platform over the...

Dec 17 ·>

AI-driven features coming to Google Maps and Search

Google just announced a surprise for its users by sending out invites for a mysterious “Search On” event that...

Oct 14 ·>

Google Camera Go update brings night mode to entry-level phones

Got a low budget phone that gives good pictures in the daytime but you just can’t seem to find...

Oct 7 ·>

Google media will not back up the media faults by default

Google has announced today that media from chat apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Messenger will no...

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Jun 30 ·>

CEO of Clearview AI claims; that he can scrape, and store billions of people’s photos without even asking

The CEO of a famous Face Recognition company Clearview AI has passed a statement recently in which he says...

Feb 7 ·>
Clearview AI

Google says hackers used malicious websites to hack iPhones for two years

Researchers from Google have revealed that it found critical flaws in Apple which gave hackers the root access to...

Aug 30 ·>

Google Pixel 4 leak suggests that we might be getting gesture control

Having already been revealed by Google in some measure, the upcoming Pixel 4 is clearly all set to spring...

Jul 22 ·>

This camera app is actually good at removing people from your photos

It’s an immensely relatable struggle; taking photos of yourself next to your friends, or anything relevant for that matter,...

Jun 25 ·>

Here’s how you can delete everything from Google after you die

So you can truly rest in peace… It is no secret that Google collects user data extensively. Whether you...

May 30 ·>

Google lens now has a live text translation feature

The search giant Google revealed many important features and made more than a few announcements in this year’s Google...

May 30 ·>

Restrictions placed by Google on Huawei casts a shadow over the company’s Tuesday launch of Honor 20 series

The recent ban put by Google on Huawei smartphones will be a major hindrance factor for the company’s Honor...

May 20 ·>

Google is changing app rating scores on Play Store to focus on recent reviews

How could we forget that Google I/O is a developer conference, so definitely there is plenty of dev-focused stuff...

May 9 ·>
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Google debuts next-generation Google assistant which will be ten times faster

Google introduced the next-generation Google assistant during this year’s Google I/O 2019 developers conference. Google is touting that this...

May 8 ·>

Google Pixel 3a XL

Google Pixel 3a xl lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 78,000. The price was updated on 19th April, 2019....

Apr 26 ·>
Google Pixel 3a xl Price In Pakistan

Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 60,000. The price was updated on 19th April, 2019. You...

Apr 26 ·>

Malware Alert: A virus in Google Play Store is extracting user data from mobile devices

A deadly malware has been discovered on the Google Play Store, which is capable of collecting user’s contacts and...

Apr 15 ·>

Google+ has been killed

Google has officially shut down its social media platform Google+. Google had earlier announced the demise of its social...

Apr 2 ·>