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Punjab IT Board Develops 500+ Websites for Different Government Departments

The Punjab IT Board developed 508 websites in total, 490 of these websites are in English while 18 are...

Dec 7 ·>
Punjab IT Board develops 500 websites

China is Heavily Investing In Pakistan To Shift Energy Production From Coal To Green Resources

China is fully motivated to shift the production of energy from coal to other green resources which would be...

Nov 25 ·>
green resources

51 Renewable Energy Projects of 2.6k MW Capacity Completed This Year

A total of 51 renewable energy projects of 2634 megawatt capacity have been completed and are supplying electricity to...

Nov 15 ·>
renewable energy

China Has Sent 46 High-Speed Trains Worth $9.8B To Pakistan

Shehbaz Sharif is currently on a Chinese tour and during a meeting in Beijing with Chinese President Xi Jinping...

Nov 3 ·>

US Finances Pakistan Government For Production of Renewable Energy Sources

Khurram Dastgir, Federal Minister for Power, met with a delegation of the International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) today and...

Oct 24 ·>
renewable energy

Government All Set To Cancel Coal Power Project Because Of High Expenditures

The government is considering canceling the project of an imported coal-fired power plant at Gwadar under the China-Pakistan Economic...

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Oct 14 ·>

PM Claims That Thar Coal Project Can Save Pakistan $6 Billion

Thar Coal’s inauguration ceremony was joined by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Foreign Minister Bilawal Zardari and Chief Minister Sindh...

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Oct 11 ·>
thar coal

Commerce Ministry’s EDF Website Hacker Plans to Sell over 4GB of Data in $400 Bitcoin

The main website of Pakistan’s Export Development Fund (EDF), an autonomous agency under the Ministry of Commerce, was compromised...

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Sep 2 ·>

The Best Discounts You Can Get With Your Student Email Address

From submitting assignments at the last minute to pulling an all-nighter before the final exam and even appearing for...

Aug 22 ·>
Student offer

Pakistan can greatly profit from Norwegian expertise in automobile & other sectors: Envoy

Per Albert Ilsaas, the Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan said Norway possesses outstanding knowledge in automobiles, information technology, and renewable...

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Aug 22 ·>

Pakistan on the Verge of an IT Revolution

Pakistan, a nation of 220 million people, has significant human and knowledge capital since almost 60% of its population...

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Aug 10 ·>

China’s Zonergy Installed Four Free Solar Systems in a Bahawalpur Hospital

Last year, Chinese renewable energy solutions conglomerate Zonergy signed a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) with the Punjab Government for the...

Aug 6 ·>
Solar Panel

China Power Hub to Purchase Local Coal from Pakistan for Power Generation

CPHGC is interested in purchasing 40,000 tonnes of local coal each month at a price fixed in Pakistani rupees,...

Aug 3 ·>
CPHGC logo

SCO aiming to enhance Pakistan’s digital economy

In recent news, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) members are aiming to leverage certain markets to further strengthen the...

Dec 15 ·>

Telecom revenue shrinks by 4.1% while telecom indicators rise up in FY21

In recent news, the telecom industry highlighted a recent decline in revenue which was by 4.1 percent to Rs....

Nov 25 ·>

First Pak-China technical vocational institute officially inaugurated in Gwadar

In recent news, the first Pakistan-China technical-vocational institute in Gwadar. The inauguration ceremony was attended by China’s Ambassador to...

Oct 4 ·>

Zonergy and Punjab Government signed CSR Program agreement to uplift Local Community

Zonergy, one of the leading Solar Energy Solutions Company, under its Corporate Social Responsibility program has joined hands with...

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Oct 1 ·>

China wants to promote digital farming in Pakistan

China has expressed the desire to share its experience in agri-tech with Pakistan and help the nation integrate technology...

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Aug 23 ·>

Foreign direct investment to Pakistan slows down to an eight-month low

The net foreign direct investment (FDI) being directed to various sectors of Pakistan’s economy, including energy, telecommunications and banking,...

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Aug 18 ·>

Pakistani firms have potential to enter the Fortune Global 500, say experts

It might look like Pakistan is lightyears away from stepping foot in the prestigious Fortune Global 500 club, given...

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Aug 9 ·>

China intent on helping Pakistan thrive in the fourth industrial revolution

New industries are popping up all over the world during what is an exciting time for technological development. The...

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Aug 2 ·>

Business is booming: Pakistan bags Top 10 ranking in business environment improvement

Pakistan is becoming a more business-friendly place, a fact that is now being backed up by its impressive surge...

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Jul 26 ·>

HBL wins “Best Bank in Pakistan 2021” award by Euromoney The Bank also wins ‘Pakistan’s Best Domestic Bank 2021’ award by Asiamoney

Euromoney awards HBL the accolade of Pakistan’s Best Bank 2021. Earlier this year, the Bank also won Asiamoney award...

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Jul 16 ·>

PCJCCI Aiming To Establish Pakistan China Technology Forum

In recent news, Mr. S.M Naveed, President of the Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry mentioned his...

Jun 17 ·>