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A Cage Fight Between Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg:Training Photos Unveiled

Last week, Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, and now a new venture called xAI, announced a...

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Jul 13 · >

An AI-Powered Humanoid Robot That Writes Poems:AMECA

Artificial Intelligence is vital in almost every field, from media to healthcare. Through Artificial intelligence, scientists are bringing developments...

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Jun 8 · >

Twitter Restores Blue Check-Marks Of Many Celebrities Including Dead Ones

Twitter’s blue ticks have restored accounts of some dead celebrities, including Sushant Singh Rajput and other famous personalities who...

Apr 26 · >

Hackers From Pakistan Use Linux Malware Poseidon To Target Indian Government Agencies

The Pakistan-based advanced persistent threat (APT) actor mainly famous as Transparent Tribe used a two-factor authentication (2FA) tool used...

Apr 20 · >

Japanese AI Manga: A Creativity Booster Or Threats To Job?

In Japan, sci-fi manga has become popular and admits “absolutely zero” drawing talent, so it turned to artificial intelligence...

Mar 7 · >

A New Counter-Strike Game With Better Graphics And Matchmaking:Coming Soon

Valve is again hitting the market with its new version of the renowned tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive over...

Mar 6 · >

India and UAE To Close A Major Agreement For Renewable Energy Interconnection

India’s Union Minister for Power and New Renewable Energy RK Singh on Sunday informed that the country is close...

Jan 16 · >

iPod Creator Tony Fadell Makes New Crypto Hardware Wallet

Ledger is a Crypto wallet maker company and it has partnered with Tony Fadell, the well-known creator of Apple’s...

Dec 8 · >

Chinese Man Won A $30M Lottery and Decides to Keep It A Secret From Wife and Child

A man from southern China won a 219 million yuan ($29.9 million) lottery jackpot which are arranged by the...

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Nov 1 · >

Dark Web Marketplace ‘BidenCash’ Leaks Over 1M Credit Cards

A recently launched underground marketplace has circulated over 1.2 million credit cards on the dark web. According to Bleeping...

Oct 11 · >

What Is It Like To Be Working For Tech-Billionaire Elon Musk? Former Employee Made Shocking Revelations

Carl Medlock, a former Tesla employee, who worked as a territory manager for 4 years, from 2009 to 2013,...

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Aug 17 · >

7 Smartphones that you can buy under 50k in Pakistan 2022

Living in Pakistan, buying a budget smartphone is one of the smartest choices you can make. Offering you the...

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Jul 27 · >

Arslan Ash wins another major Tekken tournament in USA

In recent news, the Pakistani gaming prodigy Arslan Ash has claimed another major accolade through his major win at...

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Dec 7 · >

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey resigns from Twitter, saying ‘it’s time for me to leave’

In recent news, Jack Dorsey mentioned on Twitter that it was finally time for him to leave. He further...

Dec 1 · >

Here Are Some Of The Major Highlight Reels Of E3 2021

E3 2021 came up with some amazing updates and new announcements that truly revealed where the next generation of...

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Jun 16 · >

Hackers are targeting Pakistani taxpayers with FBR emails containing harmful malware, warns FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)  on Saturday clarified that the revenue body had not sent any e-mail after...

Apr 18 · >

Apple Launches $200 Million Fund For Climate Change

In recent news, Apple has created a $200 million dollar fund to invest in environmental projects to eliminate carbon...

Apr 16 · >

Hackers are using “Steam” invites to hijack computers of ‘Counter Strike’ players

According to a bug report, hackers can take control of victims’ computers just by tricking them into clicking on...

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Apr 14 · >

End malpractices in 30 days or suffer the same fate as Alibaba, Chinese companies warned

China’s tech companies have been given a month to fix anti-competitive practices and publicly pledge to follow the rules...

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Apr 14 · >

Android malware caught hiding as a System Update to spy on users

A new, “sophisticated” Android spyware app disguising itself as a software update has been discovered by researchers. According to Zimperium zLabs,...

Mar 30 · >

U.S. lawmakers grill big tech CEOs on misinformation, fake news

In their first appearance before Congress since Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, the chief executives of Facebook, Google...

Mar 26 · >

Undeterred Chinese hackers continue to challenge America. Warning issued after Microsoft’s mail server program hacked

The US government has issued an official warning after Microsoft announced through a blog post that it has caught...

Mar 4 · >

When hackers get hacked. China hijacked and used an American hacking tool for years

A security firm, Check point has uncovered evidence that a Chinese group of hackers called APT31 was successful in...

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Feb 23 · >

What you should check before buying a used smartphone in Pakistan

Used and refurbished smartphones are a great way to get the phone that you want at a considerably low...

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Jan 4 · >