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Abu Dhabi government releases guidelines for Initial Coin Offerings

While Bitcoin and Initial Coin Offering are facing heat in several economies of the world, Abu Dhabi government has...

Oct 11 ·>
Abu Dhabi

Wikipedia Founder says ICOs can be absolute scams

Initial Coin Offering has emerged as one of the most sought-after ways for startup founders to raise funds in...

Oct 6 ·>
Jimmy Wales

This country will make Bitcoin its official currency

Hyperinflation is a big issue in some countries of the world. Hyperinflation is a result of excessive money supply...

Oct 3 ·>

Bitcoin will not become legal in India

The government is also exploring the idea of introducing its own cryptocurrency named as Lakshmi. Bitcoin will not become...

Oct 3 ·>

Sweden to become world’s first cashless society

Swedish people use credits cards 3 times more than an average European. Sweden is one of the top countries...

Oct 2 ·>

Bitcoin may split once again

Bitcoin price has risen. This time its value has crossed $4,200 for the first time in weeks. Owing to...

Sep 28 ·>
Chopping Bitcoin

In Zimbabwe, one Bitcoin is worth as much as $7,200

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency based on the concept of Blockchain, is being traded for as much as $7,200...

Sep 26 ·>
Bitcoin Money

The Indian Government is considering launching Lakshmi, its answer to Bitcoin

There might be yet another addition in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market — and it could come from an unexpected...

Sep 26 ·>

JPMorgan CEO continues to criticize Bitcoin even though his company bought a whole bunch of it

Jamie Dimon hates Bitcoin. Just recently we told you how CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, called Bitcoin a...

Sep 23 ·>

YCombinator President wants to use Blockchain for investment but calls ICO a ‘scam’

YCombinator, an American seed accelerator, has expressed its interest in adopting Blockchain for investment purposes. With the public’s interest...

Sep 23 ·>

Malaysia to legalize Bitcoin soon

While Chinese government may be locking down Bitcoin exchanges, other countries in the region are becoming more receptive of...

Sep 21 ·>

JP Morgan calls Bitcoin a fraud but then buys a stash of it

In an ironic turn of events, it appears that JP Morgan Chase is one of the benefactors of the...

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Sep 20 ·>

You might be one of the 2 million people who got hit by a CCleaner malware

Virus, hacks, malware pose an imminent threat to our digital life. One wrong move and you could get trapped...

Sep 19 ·>

Recent upsets can’t stop Bitcoin price to reach $25,000 in five years, says an expert

The recent setbacks as faced by Bitcoin didn’t stop an expert economist to put that in next five years,...

Sep 18 ·>

Japan overtakes China to become the largest Bitcoin Market

Following China’s ban on Initial Coin Offering(ICO) and Cryptocurrency exchanges, Japan has risen above to take the top spot...

Sep 18 ·>

Final Stab: Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Must Stop Trading by 30th September, Regulators

In an expected turn of events, Chinese regulators have announced that all Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges must stop trading to...

Sep 15 ·>
China Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s value drops below $4,000 for the first time in weeks

Bitcoin has just had a major blow and we’re not sure how long it will take for it to...

Sep 14 ·>

Only 800 people in the world paid taxes on Bitcoins

The internet is abuzz with rags to riches stories of people who invested in Bitcoins early to reap huge...

Sep 14 ·>

JP Morgan CEO calls Bitcoin a fraud

Bitcoin may be the buzzword of the year but some industry veterans are not buying into the hype. At...

Sep 13 ·>

North Korea is stacking Bitcoins to dodge UN sanctions

According to the report of a cyber security firm, FireEye, North Korean state-sponsored hackers are increasing attacks on cryptocurrency...

Sep 13 ·>
North Korea

Japan is going to have one of the largest Bitcoin mines of the world

Cryptocurrency continues to allure the businesses across the world. Recently, DMM, a Japanese conglomerate announced the launch of a...

Sep 12 ·>

What is Ether?

In the previous article, we talked about what is Ethereum and how it helps in decentralizing the internet away...

Sep 10 ·>

What is Ethereum?

We have previously covered cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on this site. These currencies, by making use of blockchain infrastructure, try...

Sep 8 ·>
A guide on how to buy ethereum in pakistan

Initial Coin Offering becomes the most sought after fundraising method, beats Kickstarter and Venture Capital, Report

This has been the year of Cryptocurrency. It reached an all-time highest market cap and made a couple of...

Sep 8 ·>