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Blockchain platform Waves to unveil major new platform update

In the culmination of 18 months of development, Waves is set to release the most powerful and user-friendly blockchain...

Dec 14 · >

People are spending crazy money for breeding virtual cats on Ethereum Blockchain

Over $2.3 million has been spent up til now. Welcome to the internet of 2017 where people are willing...

Dec 4 · >

Visa begins the first phase of its blockchain based payment service

The globally renowned credit card giant, Visa has launched the first pilot phase of B2B Connect, its blockchain-based business-to-business...

Nov 21 · >

Mastercard filed a patent for instant blockchain payments solution

The trend of developing own blockchain system penetrated in bitcoin companies back in 2014. Now the credit card giant,...

Nov 15 · >

Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban calls cryptocurrency and blockchain the future

American tech billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, popular for his appearances at Shark Tank — business reality show, has claimed...

Oct 10 · >

YCombinator President wants to use Blockchain for investment but calls ICO a ‘scam’

YCombinator, an American seed accelerator, has expressed its interest in adopting Blockchain for investment purposes. With the public’s interest...

Sep 23 · >

Top 4 Cryptocurrency & Blockchain online courses you need to check out now

The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain buzz is riding high right now. Despite the fact that the Cryptocurrency market lost billions...

Sep 22 · >

Ukrainian government is planning to use blockchain technology

Ukraine government just tested the blockchain technology for the first time by auctioning the seized assets. It is expected...

Sep 11 · >

Microsoft joins Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts to advance in blockchain for enterprises

While folks in China may be busy banning cryptocurrencies, Microsoft is making full strides to promote the advancement in...

Sep 6 · >

Telenor expresses interest in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

With the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency fever running high, Norway-based telecom giant Telenor is hoping to that the Initial Coin...

Aug 26 · >

You can now store Ether in your Blockchain wallet has announced that it will also support Ethereum along with Bitcoin. Since its launch in 2011, this is...

Aug 21 · >

What is Blockchain?

In our earlier discussion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you might have come across Blockchain word, and you might have...

Aug 8 · >

Pakistani Ahmed Larik Selected Among Top 100 Saudi Visionary Leaders

Ahmed Ali Larik, an IT expert of Pakistani descent, has earned a place among the esteemed DT 100’s Top...

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Sep 7 · >

Now You Can Use Your Mobile Phone For Cryptocurrency Mining: Here’s How?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that has taken the lead. The majority of mining operations involve powerful...

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Sep 5 · >

Pakistan Tech Industry Can Get $100 Million Worth Export Orders At ITCN Asia

Renowned information technology expert and entrepreneur of Pakistani origin, Noman Said, has put forth a compelling perspective, asserting that...

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Sep 1 · >

Mastercard and Binance to End Crypto Card Partnership

While reasons behind ending the crypto card partnership were not discussed, one of them could be Binance’s legal and...

Aug 28 · >

How Wateen Is Impacting Industries Digital Transformation In The Current Social Dynamics

Wateen Telecom is a leading telecommunication network with a diverse portfolio of customers in various industries. The company provides...

Aug 23 · >

IT Ministry Plans to Train 15,000 Pakistanis in New and Specialized Technologies

Enrolling under the “Capacity Building of IT Industry in Specialization Technologies & Platforms,” the 15,000 students will be trained...

Aug 18 · >

5 Cryptocurrencies Under $0.10 To Buy Next Week

The cryptocurrency market has boomed in the last few years, and people are switching to digital trading. Specific Cryptocurrencies...

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Jul 21 · >

Crypto Employees Number Increases In Last 4 Year By 100%

The number of crypto employees working in the cryptocurrency industry has experienced a significant increase despite notable cryptocurrency failures....

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Jul 19 · >

Elon Musk’s Statements Have Massive Impacts on the Crypto Coins Market

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, holds significant impacts on the crypto coins market. His actions and...

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Jul 19 · >

Countdown to Litecoin Halving: Increasing Millionaire Addresses and Market Excitement

Halving: Halving refers to a process that reduces the issuance rate of new proof of work (PoW) cryptocurrency. More...

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Jul 7 · >

How To Generate Revenue Using Crypto Bots:Passive Income

The emergence of blockchain technology has changed the financial sector to 360°. It has emerged as a lucrative investment...

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Jul 4 · >

Digital Currency Can Help Combat Corruption and Financial Crisis- Waqar Zaka

Renowned advocate for technological progress and digital champion, Mr. Waqar Zaka. In a strong statement, Mr. Zaka emphasizes the...

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