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Bitcoin sinks below $5,000 for the first time in the year

Bitcoin tumble-down continues as the cryptocurrency went below the $5,000 mark for the first time in 13 months’ time....

Nov 20 ·>
Bitcoin crashing

Report unveils that only 16% of cryptocurrencies are decentralized

In a quite startling new report, researchers find out that only a handful of cryptocurrencies are fully decentralized compared...

Oct 18 ·>

Bitcoin value sheds $400 in 30 minutes

The future of Bitcoin seems unsure as the currency keeps losing value uncertainly. After weeks of stability, volatility returned...

Oct 11 ·>

Cryptos fall off a major cliff as uncertainty mounts

Bitcoin accompanied by the other rival currencies slashed in huge value. Bitcoin lost as much as a $1000 in...

Sep 7 ·>

Ripple’s XRP and Ether drop double digits in a major cryptocurrency sell-off

The world’s leading digital currency by market value fell below $6,000 for the first time since June. As Bitcoin...

Aug 15 ·>

This new report tells when’s the right time to invest in bitcoin and we are definitely convinced

The world has seen some dramatic fluctuations in the price of bitcoin and it is quite understandable as the...

Aug 9 ·>

Bitcoin price falls below $8,000 and here is why this happened

The Bitcoin price saw an increase of $6,300 to $8,400 within weeks last month but seems like the good...

Aug 1 ·>

Pakistan General Elections 2018 over Blockchain

The history of elections and the charges of corruption, voters’ fraud, ghost votes, interferences by deep state, or violence...

Jul 23 ·>

Samsung is introducing a new fast DRAM chip in its smartphones

On July 16th, Samsung unveiled a new memory chip that will increase the speed of its smartphones by up...

Jul 19 ·>

$1.5 billion worth of World Cup crypto-gambling ring busted in China

As the football fans are eagerly anticipating the final match between Croatia and France this coming Sunday, Chinese police...

Jul 13 ·>

Opera becomes the first browser to offer a native crypto-wallet

Opera has expanded its portfolio of crypto tools with the addition of a built-in Ethereum Web3 API tool. The...

Jul 11 ·>

These are the world’s biggest Bitcoin mining farms

With accelerated progress in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency initiatives, crypto enthusiasts are convinced that digital currency will replace paper...

Jul 4 ·>

A look into Crypto Valley, world’s biggest ecosystem for crypto technology

Switzerland is becoming a home to technology businesses and crypto companies. It is slowly emerging as a hub for...

Jul 4 ·>

XRP falls below $0.50, the lowest of 2018 so far

The world’s third largest digital currency by market capitalization falls below $0.50, which is noted to be the lowest...

Jul 3 ·>

Blockchain Research Center established at Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the world’s leading teaching and research institutions. It is among the top five universities...

Jun 26 ·>

Cryptocurrency Miner arrested by Chinese Police for power theft

Computers used for cryptocurrency mining consume a large amount of electrical energy. Unauthorized computers, when used for mining of...

Jun 26 ·>

The world’s second largest cryptocurrency falls 60 days low

Ethereum drops to $423.5 on 24th June at 9:00 am, which is the lowest price it has gone down...

Jun 25 ·>

A look into the Crypto-Exchange World

Technology is advancing day by day. From banking with paper money, we have now reached the modern era of...

Jun 22 ·>

World’s sixth largest cryptocurrency exchange has lost $30 million in a hack

South Korea’s leading digital currency exchange and the world’s sixth largest by trade volume, Bithumb has fallen prey to...

Jun 20 ·>

Bitcoin drops $500 in 24 Hours

Once again, Bitcoin has dropped to $500 in a single day on Sunday, 10th June 2018. With its continuous...

Jun 11 ·>

World’s first ever Blockchain-based Postal Service launched

Blockchain-based postal service, Envilope, has just launched. CEO of Envilope, Mark Allardyce, believes the internet security and personal data...

Jun 7 ·>

Bitcoin will not remain the king of cryptocurrencies

CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has stated that Bitcoin is not going to be the only future global currency...

Jun 6 ·>

CryptoCup is offering free Bitcoins for betting on FIFA 2018 winners

CryptoCup is the newest entrant in the cryptocurrency market that has created a blockchain powered betting platform for the...

May 31 ·>

This crypto wallet app will let you trade Bitcoins without an internet connection

TxTenna, the new crypto wallet app lets you trade Bitcoins with the help of mesh networks when your device...

May 17 ·>