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Mark Zuckerberg’s 4 mind-bending predictions for the future

Mark Zuckerberg hosted a Q&A session on his social network last Tuesday where he took on questions from a...

Jul 7 · >

18 reasons why #IAmKarachi Innovation Challenge was Mother of all Hacks

Last weekend, Habib University hosted Karachi’s biggest hackathon, the IAmKarachi Innovation Challenge. The event was launched by the IAmKarachi...

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Jun 18 · >

10 Mind Blowing Technology Advancements in 2015 and beyond!

The past few years have shown the greatest progress for mankind in the field of technology. These advancements have...

Jun 8 · > Cardboard VR Glasses Hands-On

When Facebook announced last year that it has agreed to buy Oculus VR – A startup that manufactures Virtual...

Jun 3 · >

Unreal Engine 4 is Now Free for Everyone

The developers of famous game engine, Unreal Engine 4, have announced that their flagship product is being made available...

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Mar 3 · >

10 Great Innovations of 2013

It’s just a matter of days, and this year will pass by, but this year was great for technological...

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