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Samsung will finally drop the headphone jack in its upcoming flagships

Samsung is one of the very few brands left, that still support a headphone jack, however, this is about...

Oct 11 ·>
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Pakistan’s IT export crossed $1 billion mark for the first time in history

Pakistan’s IT export has achieved a new milestone by crossing the mark of $1 billion for the first time...

Aug 7 ·>

Here is how Imran Khan is planning to transform the tech and entrepreneurial landscape in Pakistan

Election fever is settling down and the citizens are pinning hope on the new government to see a transformed...

Jul 28 ·>

Comparing Digital Policies of contesting political parties in Pakistan General Elections 2018

With less than 10 days to go for Pakistan General Elections 2018, key contesting political parties are propagating their...

Jul 16 ·>

100-day economic agenda revealed for the upcoming government

Pakistan Business Council (PBC) has launched a 100-day economy cheat sheet for the upcoming government that will be elected...

Jul 11 ·>

PML-N shares agenda for the growth of entrepreneurship and IT sector of Pakistan

In PML(N)’s tenure, IT exports of Pakistan expanded to over 100 countries with its growth rate jumping to 125%....

Jul 6 ·>

First ever Digital Policy of Pakistan approved by Federal Cabinet

In a historic feat, the federal cabinet has given approval of Pakistan’s first digital policy — “Digital Pakistan Policy”...

May 24 ·>

Beyond tax holiday, these five major incentives will accelerate the growth of Pakistani IT industry

The IT sector of Pakistan is the fastest growing sector of the country’s economy. In the last five years,...

May 17 ·>

Pakistan encourages Turkey to invest in Economic Zones

On Tuesday, while meeting with Turkish delegation Naeem Zamindar, chairman of BOI (Board of Investment) encouraged Turkish companies to...

Feb 17 ·>

These Pakistani Universities join CPEC Consortium of Business Schools

It turns out that CPEC project is now bearing fruits. Pakistan and China under CPEC project have collaborated and...

Sep 7 ·>

CPEC projects create 30,000 jobs

CPEC, a joint venture of Pakistan and China that aims to facilitate and expand trade in the region has...

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Jun 6 ·>

9 Industrial Zones under CPEC to be set up in 3 years, Ahsan Iqbal

Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning & Development, has said that with the ownership of provincial governments, all proposed...

Apr 19 ·>
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A support cell for China-Pak Economic Corridor and Special Economic Zones established

Board of Investment (BoI) has established “CPEC-SEZ” Cell for the purpose of facilitating stakeholders on the matters relating to...

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Feb 8 ·>
special economic zones SEZ industrial

29 Special Economic Zones to be established under CPEC

Federal government is planning on establishing about 29 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in all of the four provinces under...

Nov 18 ·>
Cochina solar power plant