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Careem will tell you the ‘Exact Fare’ before you press “Chalo”

Careem, the leading internet platform of the greater Middle East, has introduced a new way of calculating fares via...

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Mar 4 · >

Careem Captains and their families can now get discounted rates at KLDC

Careem collaborates with Karachi Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre (KLDC) in an effort to provide quality healthcare services to its...

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Feb 27 · >

Careem and Sendoso invited to speak as the countdown to RubyConf 2020 in Pakistan begins

Lahore, February 24, 2019: RubyConf Pakistan recently held its first ever workshop and speakers’ meetup which included speakers from...

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Feb 26 · >

Uber Careem merger approved by CCP but with powerful conditions

The Competition Commission of Pakistan has approved the Uber-Careem merger through a Phase-II order, imposing pro-competitive and tough conditions...

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Feb 21 · >

Careem partners with Iqra University to empower students through mobility solutions

Careem, the leading internet platform for the greater Middle East and Pakistan region, partners with Iqra University (IU) to...

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Feb 19 · >

Careem introduces a ‘Safety Button’ to alert authorities and its Safety ‘Specialists’

Careem has recently introduced a new ‘Safety Button’, which not only allows customers to conveniently access all of Careem’s...

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Feb 12 · >

Careem and Habib Bank Limited (HBL) have partnered to help millions of users recharge their Careem account through HBL Konnect and Mobile Banking services.

Careem and Habib Bank Limited (HBL) have partnered to help millions of Careem App users recharge their account through...

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Feb 6 · >

Careem and Orange Tree Foundation to Provide Scholarships for Captains’ Families

Careem has partnered with Orange Tree Foundation (OTF) to provide subsidized education for Captains’ families, whereby Careem Captains’ and...

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Jan 30 · >

Careem announces a new vehicle category WoW comprising Women Bike Captains and customers

Careem announced the introduction of a new vehicle category on their app named WoW, where both Captains and customers...

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Jan 24 · >

Uber Completes Acquisition of Careem

Uber (NYSE: UBER) today confirmed the official close of the previously announced acquisition of Careem for $3.1 billion. Careem...

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Jan 3 · >

Careem Allies Aahung to Champion Gender Sensitization, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

To further promote gender diversity and inclusion(D&I) at the workplace, Careem partnered with Aahung, a rights-based, non-profit organization to...

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Dec 30 · >

Breaking Stereotype in the Tech World, Careem Appoints Female Leaders in Key Roles

Karachi, December 27, 2019: Reiterating its commitment towards diversity and inclusion, Careem Pakistan, on-boards female leadership in key roles...

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Dec 27 · >

Careem further strengthen its Trust and Safety by partnering with NH&MP and NADRA

Careem and National Highway and Motorway Police (NH&MP) partnered to conduct road safety training for Careem Captains across Pakistan....

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Dec 23 · >

SWVL vs Careem: Two ride hailing giants picking up a social media frenzy over TVC controversy

Careem a car riding company is known majorly for its creative advertisements that lure and attract users all over...

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Dec 19 · >

Careem PAY partners with 1LINK to Digitize Payments

Careem and 1LINK (Pvt.) Limited have entered into a partnership to digitize payments within Careem platform. The signing ceremony...

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Dec 18 · >

Transport Minister Visits Careem Care Centre

On the occasion of completing four(4) years of Careem, Awais Qadir Shah, Minister Transport and Mass Mobility, visited Careem...

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Dec 13 · >

Careem conducted “The Great Hack” in partnership with Daftarkhwan and TechJuice

Careem recently hosted a 24-hour hackathon called “The Great Hack” in Lahore in early December and TechJuice had the...

Dec 12 · >

Careem Launches @Home Program in Pakistan

Careem has launched @Home program to create income opportunities for individuals who can become a part of the Careem...

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Nov 29 · >

Careem Partners with WOW launched by Salman Sufi Foundation and Government of Sindh to Create Jobs for female bikers

Careem and Salman Sufi Foundation have entered into a strategic partnership to train 10,000 females to ride bikes and...

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Nov 25 · >

Daraz and Careem join forces to provide travel solutions for staff

Daraz has entered into an agreement with Careem to be on-boarded on the Careem for Business platform, promoting safe...

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Nov 25 · >

Careem and Daftarkhwan to host a Hackathon: “The Great Hack”

Careem has announced a Hackathon to be held in Lahore on November 30, 2019. The event has been named...

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Nov 18 · >

Careem and Badar Expo joins hands to promote Hospitality Industry in Pakistan

Careem has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Badar Expo Solutions (BXSS) to become the official tech...

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Nov 7 · >

“Kar Ibtida” Careem launches a New Brand Positioning in Pakistan

Careem today launched a local version of their global campaign that communicates its new positioning and reinforces its brand...

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Oct 25 · >

KP government join hands with Careem to provide services to public

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced a venture with Careem to provide Rescue 1122 Fire Brigade & Ambulances services to...

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Oct 21 · >