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When Is The Chapter 3 Of Fortnite Season 4 Going To be Released?

Fortnight fans fasten your seat belts because the release date of Fortnight chapter 3 has got confirmed. This battle...

Sep 17 ·>

iOS 16 releases today with five new features and security updates

Apple’s long-awaited iOS 16 updates for iPhones arrives today, bringing with it new security and privacy features aimed at...

Sep 13 ·>
Iphone 14 iOS 16

Kenya grows Crops beneath Solar Panels using a technique called Agrivoltaics

This implies employing a special solar panel technique known as agrivoltaics, which involves installing solar panels to both generate...

Sep 13 ·>
Solar Panel

Next-gen USBs could be twice as fast, with cables you already own

The next generation of USB may be one of the quickest connections yet. According to the USB Promoter Group,...

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Sep 5 ·>

Rising Demands and Limited Supply Makes the Web3 a Rewarding Industry to be IN; Here’s How You Can Advantage from it

Are you someone who is skilled enough to develop web3 applications and can also teach others how to do...

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Sep 2 ·>

Gaming Industry Has a Potential of Generating $400 Million for Pakistan Annually

Gaming over the last few years has slowly become a rewarding industry, which adds millions of dollars to the...

Sep 1 ·>

Google Trains Over 800 Female Software Engineers under Women Techmakers Initiative

More than 800 female software engineers from around Pakistan participated in Google’s Women Techmakers program this year, which offered...

Sep 1 ·>

Hey iPhone Users, Prepare Yourself For a Lot More Advertisements

Over the years digital advertisements have grown from a substitute for mainstream advertising into the biggest threat that it...

Aug 15 ·>

7 Techniques To Increase FPS on Your Computer & Boosts Its Gaming Performance

Console gamers cherish every bit of their life easily. Because the game developers keep in mind how a console...

Aug 12 ·>
FPS - Gaming

Best Apps For Free Video-Calling in 2022

Thus, if you live far away or do freelance- work, it can be difficult for you to do face-to-face...

Thousands of Twitter Accounts at Risk as Hackers Leak API Keys

Researchers discovered 3,207 apps on Monday that were leaking Twitter API keys, which hackers can easily exploit to access...

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Aug 3 ·>

7 Must Have Android Apps For Couples – 2022

Software’s and applications have made our lives better in a whole lot ways, while we continue to use apps...

Telenor Pakistan Changing the Game with Stellar Initiatives

Gaming has grown from a popular pastime into a full fledge industry; with the ‘game’ changing so fast, brands...

Jul 30 ·>
Telenor Gaming

PC Players Can Now Use Their Own Cat in Stray Game

Ever dreamt about your cat following all your commands and doing what you want it to do? Well a...

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Jul 28 ·>
Stray Game

Google Nurturing the Gaming Industry in Pakistan

The digital revolution has given us the world of video gaming. It has become a highly consumed medium across...

Jun 30 ·>

Google launches Think Games & Gaming Growth Lab as part of latest, ongoing efforts to grow Pakistan’s gaming industry

Google today announced it has successfully launched Think Games, Pakistan’s first thought leadership and knowledge-sharing event for game developers,...

Jun 26 ·>

NUST researchers successfully test Pakistan’s first indigenously-designed microprocessor

In a laudable development, researchers at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) have successfully completed full functional...

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Jun 14 ·>

Google deepens its commitment to Pakistan’s gaming industry

Google today reaffirmed its commitment to Pakistan’s gaming industry through three new steps. First, its Gaming Growth Lab in...

May 2 ·>

Confiz Data Summit sets the stage to celebrate technological excellence, and promote innovation in tech

In light of the ever-growing technological innovation and the rising growth opportunities in the field of data science, an...

Apr 1 ·>

Hysab Kytab’s white-labelled PFM is Now Available on Temenos Exchange

Hysab Kytab’s Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution enables hyper-personalization of banks’ engagement with their customers through integrating smart money...

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Feb 8 ·>
hysab kytab

AAA associates holds AAA job marathon 2022 for the youth of twin cities In collaboration with Kamyab Jawan program

AAA Associates in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Programme held AAA Job Marathon, 2022″ on Saturday 29th...

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Feb 1 ·>

In the essence of PM’s vision of “Kamyab Jawan”, AAA Associates brings “AAA Job Marathon, 2022”

AAA Associates is extremely thrilled to conduct the event, ‘AAA Job Marathon 2022’, “Let’s Grow Together”, on Saturday 29th...

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Jan 27 ·>

Everything you need to know about blockchain games

For quite a while the terms ‘crypto’ and ‘blockchain’ have really created a buzz for the past few years,...

Jan 20 ·>

Powering the Next Era of Cloud Services – Rapid launches Cobolt with exciting new features and limitless possibilities for your business

Earlier this week RapidCompute, Pakistan’s largest local cloud service provider, announced the formal launch of Cobolt (Powered by OpenStack),...

Jan 18 ·>