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PTA received over 40,000 complaints in 2018, more than one fourth about PTCL

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has received over 40,000 complaints for the year 2018. 12,873 complaints, which account for more...

Dec 17 · >

415,000 routers worldwide were hacked to mine cryptocurrency

More than 400,000 routers around the world have been hacked using crypto-jacking scripts run using Omine software. This breach was...

Dec 8 · >

India considers blocking Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Indian Government via the Ministry of Communications wrote a letter to Telecom Operators and Internet Service Providers Association of...

Aug 6 · >

Traffic of tech giants like Facebook, Google suspiciously redirected to Russia briefly

Internet traffic to some of the big tech company’s site was briefly redirected to Russia earlier this week. This...

Dec 15 · >

PTCL to launch a new TVC ‘Baara Athaara’ to increase awareness about its helpline

For any organization, customer support is an important department whose sole purpose is to serve the customers and help...

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Dec 14 · >

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube blocked in Pakistan

After taking off air News channels in Pakistan, reportedly, the government of Pakistan has directed the internet service providers...

Nov 25 · >

4G LTE speeds declining globally – Pakistan at the bottom of the list

A recent report from OpenSignal has revealed that there is not much improvement in 4G LTE speeds in the...

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Nov 1 · >

PTA blocks over 900 URLs of banned organizations in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked over 900 uniform resource locators (URLs) and about 10 websites of proscribed organizations,...

Mar 22 · >

PM Nawaz orders to take strict legal action against people promoting blasphemous content on social media

Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has ordered the concerned authorities to take necessary steps to remove blasphemous content...

Mar 15 · >

A petition has been filed to block Facebook in Pakistan

Civil Society has filed a petition in Islamabad High Court to shut down Facebook temporarily in Pakistan. The petitioner...

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Mar 13 · >

StormFiber is offering 12 amazing Independence Day packages

A good internet connection is a blessing these days. With the progress of modern day technology, higher data speeds...

Aug 14 · >

Pakistan expected to have 5G by 2020, State Minister of IT

The development of Information Technology was the primary focus of the inaugural session of a five-day Roundtable Collaborative Regulation...

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Jul 19 · >

WhatsApp goes down in Pakistan for the third time in one week

If you experienced WhatsApp down it probably wasn’t because of a slow WiFi connection. There have been several instances...

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May 22 · >

Pakistan to get its first ever 20 Tbps submarine cable network

Omantel and Multinet Pakistan, a telecommunications company, announced recently that they are working on a 20 Tbps submarine cable...

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May 11 · >

PTA orders ISPs to block over 400,000 porn websites

Internet Service Providers(ISPs) all over Pakistan have been ordered to block access to a list of over 400,000 pornographic...

Jan 26 · >

Cyber-blackmail: A challenge for Pakistan

While the government is busy in developing a new cyber law,  many from Media, internet service providers, NGOs and...

Aug 27 · >

Public Hearing on the Prevention Of Cyber Crime Bill 2015

The public hearing today in regards to the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 ended on a sombre note....

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May 22 · >

Public hearing of Cyber Crime Bill is not so public

The much delayed but anticipated public hearing in regards to the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 has been...

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May 21 · >

YouTube has been unblocked in Pakistan – by mistake

YouTube has been unblocked in Pakistan as confirmed from several users who have been able to access the website...

Feb 26 · >

QMobile leads Smartphones Import in Pakistan!

While the actual figures are scant, this Express Report can help put things into perspective. According to uncited sources,...

Mar 29 · >

Elon Musk Is Making Twitter’s Algorithm Open Source For Everyone To See

Twitter CEO Elon Musk says that the social media platform’s algorithm is finally going open source, and it’s happening...

Feb 23 · >

Hackers Posted Login Credentials of the World’s Largest Corporations For $175,000

Hackers are selling data center login credentials of some of the world’s largest corporations, including Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, BMW...

Feb 21 · >

Multinet Leads Innovation with Region’s First Open Wi Fi Deployment

Pakistan’s Top Service Provider Building Open and Disaggregated Wi-Fi Networks based on TIP’s technologies across Communications Footprint. Karachi, Pakistan,...

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Feb 21 · >

Multinet and TIP to build the World’s Largest Open Optical Transport Network of 3.2 Tbps capacity across Multinet’s Fiber Footprint in Pakistan

Multinet, Pakistan’s business communications company of choice, today announced that it will be upgrading its optical transport network that...

Feb 16 · >