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[Infographic] Pakistan Annual Social Media Report is Out

Pakistan Advertiser’s Society has released the annual Social Marketing Report of Pakistan in the form of an infographic made...

Jan 20 · >

Cellular Phone Companies May Be Prosecuted In Military Courts

Cellular phone companies have been issued a warning for getting prosecuted in the military courts under the terrorism law...

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Jan 13 · >

A YCombinator Graduate’s Take on Pakistani Startup Ecosystem

Stories beyond the border is a TechJuice’s exclusive feature in which we will be interviewing, conversing or getting insights...

Jan 8 · >

How To Get Noticed – A Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

If you are a young entrepreneur, you should also have a strong personality so that no one ignores you...

Jan 1 · >

How this Pakistani MBBS student earned half a million dollars through Freelancing

Uzair is a MBBS student at the most prestigious medical school of the country, King Edward. He currently is...

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Dec 22 · >

MoIT Developing System To Limit Grey Traffic

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoIT) has been developing an operating system to limit grey traffic for reducing...

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Dec 22 · >

World’s First Intelligent Web Development Tool Is Here

Ex Google Employee, Creator of Grid Style Sheets and the author of Create.js has launched an artificially intelligent web...

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Dec 18 · >

Bolo Bhi Seeks to Have ‘Website Censoring Committee’ Ruled Illegal

Bolo Bhi, a local not-for-profit NGO that advocates unrestricted internet access and digital privacy, has filed a petition against...

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Dec 15 · >

10 Great Technology News from Pakistan in 2014

Year 2015 is just around the corner as 2014 fades away amidst the buzz and blare of local and...

Dec 10 · >

Microsoft Innovation Center’s Pre-Accelerator Launched in Karachi

We are no longer in the era where entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Bill gates were miraculously born, it’s...

Dec 4 · >

Pakistan’s Global Entrepreneurship Index Reveals A Need For Massive Improvement

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (The GEDI Institute) is a non-profit organization founded by world-leading entrepreneurship scholars to...

Nov 28 · >

Monis Rahman on Rozee, Naseeb &

Entrepreneurship and tech startups sound like fairly new topics to general public. But what if we tell you that...

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Nov 20 · >

How to Protect Against Workplace Harassment

Last month I reported a case, where a recent graduate was subjected to the most inhumane form of harassment...

Oct 29 · >

Bitchy Urdu Cards – E-Cards With Witty Desi Captions

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the idea of snarky ecards with witty desi captions...

Oct 19 · >

TechJuice Meetup with Haseeb Awan

From our experience of talking to many entrepreneurs and startup founders from the local community, we have noticed, majority...

Oct 15 · >

Markhor Has Launched its Kickstarter Campaign!

Markhor, a well known Pakistani Startup has launched its Kickstarter Campaign today. The startup has been achieving its milestones...

Sep 22 · >

5 ways Kamata Pakistan could have done a better job!

Till earlier this year, I was working in an ambitious new startup that attempted to provide a online...

Sep 20 · >

Workplace Harassment – A menace within our Society

Not everything about jobs and workplace is as green as it looks from the outside. With a lot of...

Sep 18 · >

Wi-Tribe Launches Hi App Pakistan’s First Communication Application

Wi-Tribe, the no.1 ranked company in terms of quality by PTA, recently unveiled Pakistan’s first ever, locally developed communication...

Aug 29 · >

Daunting task of choosing an Android phone

My wife broke her Nexus 4. Actually our little one did. After few trips to market and spending some...

Aug 27 · >

10 unconventional applications that made it big

In today’s cat-eat-dog world, making a successful mobile apps is a process full to the brim with countless ingredients,...

Jul 22 · >

Top 10 Twitter Profiles in Pakistan

Twitter does not need an introduction as one of the most widely used social platforms on the Internet. While...

Jul 17 · >

10 ways to stop procrastinating and start working!

Why do something today that you can put off till tomorrow, right? WRONG! Procrastination is the number one reason...

Jul 4 · >

Zong Launches its 3G Commercial Services

Zong officially launched its 3G services in Pakistan, yesterday. The launch ceremony took place at Zong HQ, Islamabad. Zong’s management...

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Jun 13 · >