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iOS 7.06 update is to fix SSL, Update your iPhone now!

The iPhone that you have been carrying has had a major security flaw uptill now, it was vulnerable to...

Feb 23 ·>

Legendary Tech Leaders and What Startups can learn from them

We have been writing for some time about how to start a small business, how to look for capital...

Jan 21 ·>

10 Must Have Android Apps for Students

To be a student, means you need to manage everything yourself from studies to your monthly budget, from school...

Mar 4 ·>
5 Windows Phone Apps for Learning

8 Must have Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

With a whopping 1.2 million Android Phone activations per day, Android is the most happening Mobile OS system now,...

Feb 21 ·>
Android Apps for Entrepreneurs

5 Must have Android Apps for Couples

Note that this article is updated and new version is here: It’s February the month of love, romance...

Feb 3 ·>
Couple - Android App