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Realme announces the world’s first ever SLED smart TV

Realme announced the world’s first ever SLED 4K smart TV earlier this week. While this intriguing work of technology is not ready to go on sale yet, it is expected to present an impressive alternative to Quantum Dot based displays (QLED).

The SLED TV will debut as a 55” display, with the panel capable of delivering 108% coverage of the NTSC color spectrum and regulating the amount of blue light emitted.

Let’s take a step back and look at what SLED is supposed to be in the first place. It’s an innovative take on the LCD formula, with a profound change in the backlight. The backlight is usually white, and is passed through RGB filters to create a trio of colors. QLED improves upon this standard procedure by starting with a blue backlight and using quantum dots to absorb blue light and emit red or green light. An LCD layer controls the amount of light passing through each pixel.

However, with SLED technology, the backlight relies on red, green, and blue LEDs to create a trio of colors. It is worth noting that this is still essentially LCD technology, since it has polarizers and a liquid crystal display.

Realme believes that SLED is superior to QLED, especially in terms of rendering a wider color spectrum and improving the overall image quality. Since rival companies like Samsung and OnePlus have already rolled out QLED TVs in the market, this SLED technology could be the ticket Realme needs to gain a massive advantage over them.

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