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Honda Launches Electric HR-V Testing In Thailand

The 2023 Honda HR-V e: NS1 electric vehicle EV model was recently spotted recharging in Thailand. According to the...

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Feb 8 · >

By 2040, 90% Of the Cars Sold In Pakistan Would be Electric Vehicles

Currently, Pakistan has no electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers available for sale on the open marketplace. A recent study found...

Feb 7 · >

Peugeot To Launch All Electric 3008 And 5008 SUVs With 700km Range

Peugeot will launch the next generation, 3008 and 5008, in the second half of 2023. The two high-tech new...

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Feb 3 · >

Suzuki Is All Set To Launch Electric Jimmy Next Year

Suzuki Motors is a Japanese Multinational company. Suzuki is one of the top 10anufacturers in the world. This time...

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Feb 3 · >

Groundbreaking New Solar Panels Can Generate Electricity In The Dark

Solar panels are the best source to produce electricity efficiently. As we know, solar energy is recognized as one...

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Jan 27 · >

Pakistan And Russia To Enhance Cooperation In The Hydroelectricity Sector

Pakistan and Russia have agreed to enhance cooperation in the hydroelectricity sector. The agreement was reached at talks held...

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Jan 20 · >

Honda To Launch New Electric Bicycles

Honda is one of the leading companies in manufacturing motorbikes. Honda has announced to launch three electric bicycles with...

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Jan 12 · >

Sindh Government Orders Immediate Launch Of Electric Buses

Sharjeel Memon, Sindh Transport Minister has passed an order to Sindh Mass Transit Authority’ to immediately launch the People’s...

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Jan 11 · >

Ram’s New Electric Pickup Concept Makes Tesla’s Cybertruck Look Outdated

Ford and General Motors are already in a race of electric vehicles. Ram is playing catch-up On Thursday, it...

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Jan 6 · >

At CES 2023, Volkswagen Unveiled It’s Electric Vehicle ID.7 Sedan

At CES 2023, Volkswagen revealed its ID.7 Sedan, the latest electric car The high-end ID.7 Sedan will compete with...

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Jan 4 · >

Electric SUVs Will Become Common By The End Of 2023

Climate concerns and push from government regulators are making automakers rush and promise more, and more varied, electric vehicles...

Jan 2 · >

8 Coolest Electric Cars Hitting Streets In 2023,From Chevy’s $105,000 To Hyundai’s Spaceship

The year 2023 will be a season to get cool new electric cars Hyundai, Chevy, Tesla and GMC are...

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Dec 26 · >

Govt of Pakistan To Launch Women Only Electric Taxi Service In Karachi

Karachi: Pink taxis are a new step to providing safe and secure travel to women. Pink taxis have a...

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Dec 23 · >

Report Shows that Ethereum’s POS Switch Has Saved ‘Country-Sized’ Amounts of Electricity

Published by science journal named ‘Patterns’, the report mentions that the amount saved after Ethereum POS switch is equal...

Dec 7 · >

Elon Musk Reaction To Biden’s Significant Move On Electric Vehicles

US Vice President Joe Biden has made special announcement of opening 5lakh charging stations across America in order to...

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Dec 5 · >

Karachi Will Soon Experience Electric Taxi Service To Compete With Expensive Ride Hailing Service

Sindh government of Pakistan has taken an initiative and will soon start an electric taxt service for its citizens....

Nov 29 · >

Solar Electric Vehicles Might Be The Next Generation Of EVs: Why?

The solar vehicles are hitting the European and US auto market very rapidly. Sono motors-a Germany company, Southern California...

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Nov 23 · >

Government Decides To Provide Duty And Tax Breaks To Boost The Production Of Electric Motorcycles

The government of Pakistan has taken the initiative and decided to structure a new policy to enhance the market...

Nov 18 · >

Sazgar To Launch First Locally-Assembled Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Pakistan’s s first hybrid car is about to launch very soon. Sazgar Engineering Works Limited is set to launch...

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Nov 16 · >

Daihatsu Cast-Like Electric Vehicle Is Less Expensive Than Suzuki Alto

Chinese automakers have captured most of the automobile market. They are gaining ground in the electric vehicle market by...

Nov 16 · >

Sindh Government Plans To Test Electric Buses In Karachi From Tomorrow

On Sunday, Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam has announced to test Karachi’s first electric buses tomorrow. According to the...

Nov 7 · >

Saudi Crown Prince Launches First Electric Vehicle Company

On Thursday, the Saudi crown prince announced the launch of the first brand of electric vehicle company. The objective...

Nov 4 · >

Study Shows That Solar Farms in Space Can Generate Electricity For the Whole World

The project called Cassiopeia plans to harvest solar energy through satellites and sending it back to earth With the...

Nov 2 · >

Pakistan Will Soon Start Using Domestic Coal To Generate Electricity

The government, in collaboration with Independent Power Producers (IPP), is set to agreement on using 10% indigenous coal to...

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Oct 28 · >