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Pakistani hospital becomes first in Asia to accept digital coins

Abid Hospital becomes Pakistan’s first hospital to accept Pakcoin – Pakistan’s first digital currency or cryptocurrency. It is the...

Bitcoin costs more than Gold now

Bitcoin, a digital currency, has been experiencing spike in its value. Today, the value of one Bitcoin surpassed the...

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India was responsible for 80% Ransomware attacks in Pakistan in 2016

Indian hackers are responsible for the majority of ransomware attacks in Pakistan, according to a study conducted by Pakistani...

WhatsApp’s reported vulnerability is actually a security feature

The reported “back door” which can give access to others to intercept WhatsApp messages is not a vulnerability but...

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Jan 14 ·>

A Data Scientist Explains Odds of Dying in a Terrorist Attack

Here come the daily headlines of Al-Qa’eda, Taliban, ISIS, and all the lone wolf attackers out there from Pakistan...

Oct 15 ·>

Pakistani Researcher develops a software that can erase you off Internet faster than Google

Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Asghar, a Pakistani researcher, has developed a software that can erase you off the Internet faster...

Aug 11 ·>

Not even anti-viruses can help with this Mac threat

The general perception is that Apple’s Macs are more secure compared to PCs, especially at the low level of...

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Thunderstrike 2

Intel Capital launches $125M fund for Women and minority entrepreneurs

Intel Capital announced yesterday the Intel Capital Diversity Fund which will invest in technology startups run by women and...

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Jul 14 ·>

Meet the 11 winners from Plan9 Launchpad Lahore

Plan9, the largest technology incubator of Pakistan, last week organized their 6th launchpad event starting from Lahore. The Lahore...

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Jun 8 ·>

A YCombinator Graduate’s Take on Pakistani Startup Ecosystem

Stories beyond the border is a TechJuice’s exclusive feature in which we will be interviewing, conversing or getting insights...

Jan 8 ·>

All Top Messaging Apps Fail the EFF Security Review

Billions of instant messages are sent every day using the top messaging apps by millions of users. These users...

Nov 7 ·>

What is “Heart Bleed” and How it can affect you?

The Heart bleed bug has been a hot topic for the past few days, and for a good reason...

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