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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

Jan 31 · >

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 lowest price in Pakistan is Rs. 29,999. The price was updated on 27th April, 2021....

Oct 2 · >

Samsung may unveil the foldable Galaxy X at CES 2019, report

Samsung is aware that it’s losing dominance in the smartphone industry and even quite recently the South Korean tech...

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Jul 13 · >

Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone to reportedly roll out next year, expected $1800+

There have been numerous talks about the Korean giant’s upcoming foldable smartphone, being called as ‘Samsung Galaxy X’. As...

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Jun 15 · >

Samsung Galaxy X design leak suggests three OLED screens

A few days ago, a Korean media outlet leaked the design of Samsung Galaxy S10 which claimed that S10...

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Apr 26 · >

Samsung Galaxy X to replace Galaxy S10 next year, foldable display and a triple camera insight

We witnessed the launch of Galaxy S9 variants at MWC in March, and the launch of the upcoming S-series...

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Apr 25 · >

Samsung Galaxy X could replace Galaxy S10 in 2019

The Galaxy S9 variants could be the last to wear the Galaxy S brand. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is all...

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Feb 6 · >

Samsung files a new patent for its foldable Galaxy X phone

Samsung Galaxy X might become a reality very soon. The rumors about the Samsung’s foldable phone are increasing by...

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Dec 8 · >

Samsung to announce the foldable Galaxy X soon

We’ve been hearing rumors about the Samsung Galaxy X for quite some time now. It is an upcoming foldable...

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Nov 21 · >

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy X to put Apple’s iPhone X to shame

Samsung is upping its game and from all we know so far it could beat Apple at its own...

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Sep 28 · >

New PTA Taxes On Samsung Galaxy S23 Series (Aug,2023)

We have spoken a lot about iPhone taxes and with time government is constantly imposing taxes on iPhones. This...

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Aug 7 · >

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5: Delivering Flexibility and Versatility Without Compromise

With an innovative form factor enhanced by new Flex Hinge for a balanced design, and pro-grade camera capabilities with...

Jul 26 · >

Samsung Announced The New Galaxy Book 3 Series; Features And Release Date

Samsung announced the launch dates for its brand new laptop series called Galaxy Book 3 Series. The series has...

Feb 2 · >

Samsung Galaxy S23 Price Can Exceed Rs.340,000 Before PTA Tax; Which Can Be Around Rs.140K

Samsung has announced the official release date for its new flagship mobile, Galaxy S23 series, which will be launched...

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Jan 18 · >

Samsung “Accidentally” Leaks Galaxy S23 Series Launch Date

Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S23 series is rumored to be launching in February, but the date for the company’s...

Jan 10 · >

1-inch Sensor And Two Zoom Cameras; Promises To Crush iPhone And Galaxy,Gets A Release Date

Everyone knows that Samsung and iPhone are the market leads. Up till now no company has beaten the market...

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Nov 15 · >

In Real Life Test Performance,The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Completely Destroys The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

With the emergence of technology, many new entrants have taken place in mobile phone manufacturing. Many new mobile phone...

Nov 14 · >

Samsung Galaxy S23 Specs & Details Released ahead of 2023 Unveil

The Galaxy S23, one of the year’s most anticipated smartphones, has yet to be formally launched by Samsung. Fortunately,...

Oct 21 · >

The Samsung Galaxy S23 may be available in these four colour variants

According to a well-known expert on smartphones, Samsung has chosen to sell the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones from...

Oct 10 · >

Which phone is the best, iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S22?

Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S 22 ultra are exceptional phones and are entry-level versions in...

Sep 21 · >

Samsung Pakistan Show cased Its Knox Business Solutions, New Galaxy Z Series, Multi-device connectivity, Neo QLED 8K& Premiere at ITCN, Asia’s Biggest Technology Expo!

Samsung made a big splash in Karachi this week as they showcase the technological innovation atITCN, from the 24th...

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Aug 25 · >