Chairman HEC graces P@SHA CXO Meetup Islamabad

Naima Rabbie • January 31, 2020

HEC call for Research Proposals for Grand Challenge Fund

TechJuice • January 21, 2020

Government Launched “Durust Daam App” to keep the check on prices of groceries with transparency

Naima Rabbie • January 20, 2020

E-verification of documents to be introduced by HEC.

Faisal Ashfaq • December 24, 2019

Twitter will now keep check on tweets and private messages

AbuBakar • October 1, 2019

Opinion and Satire exempted from Facebook’s fact-checking program

Fatima Hasan • October 1, 2019

HEC launches urgent degree verification service for a whopping PKR 5000

Faisal Saeed • July 15, 2019

HEC to offer two-year degree program to increase employment opportunities

Faisal Saeed • July 11, 2019

How to check if your passport number is misused to register an illegal mobile phone

Faisal Saeed • June 26, 2019

Google unveils speed test website to check game streaming service performance

Sajeel Syed • June 11, 2019

Here’s how you can check number of registered devices under your CNIC?

Sajeel Syed • May 29, 2019

Govt to cut 50% of HEC’s Budget for 2019-20

Sajeel Syed • May 21, 2019

HEC tells VCs to run Govt Universities through charity after govt cuts their budget by 50%

Sajeel Syed • April 22, 2019

How to check or pay your traffic E-Challan online

Faisal Saeed • April 3, 2019

7 Pakistani stores you need to check on this Black Friday

Muneeb Ahmad • November 23, 2018

HEC establishes high-speed internet at public universities as a part of its smart university project

Ammara Saleem • August 16, 2018

Google Docs gets AI-powered grammar checker

Aqsa Khunshan • July 28, 2018

Facebook adopts fact-checking and machine learning to fight fake news

Asra Rizwan • June 22, 2018

Check if your Xiaomi smartphone will be upgraded to MIUI 10

Muneeb Ahmad • June 11, 2018

HEC is offering fully-funded scholarships for engineers in a leading Chinese university

Sajeel Syed • May 31, 2018

HEC & P@SHA collaborate to train computer science graduates to meet market needs

Aqsa Khunshan • May 15, 2018