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Google’s AI helped NASA find another planet in Kepler-90’s orbit

We can’t claim our solar system is unique anymore. Nasa has found another planet revolving around a distant star...

Dec 15 ·>

10 new earth like planets discovered by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope

NASA has recently announced the discovery of 10 new Earth-like rocky planets orbiting in their star’s habitable zone. The...

Jun 20 ·>

SpaceX launches record 143 satellites in groundbreaking rideshare mission

SpaceX has broken the record for the most number of satellites launched on a single rocket by sending a...

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Jan 25 ·>

NASA seems to be begging for its trip to Mars

You might have heard that NASA is the only space station that has the ability and technology to go...

Apr 27 ·>

NASA has found a ‘super-Earth’ 21 light years away from us

NASA has confirmed the existence of a rocky exoplanet outside our solar system using their Spitzer Space telescope. This...

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Jul 31 ·>

Everything you need to know about Earth’s ‘bigger, older cousin’

NASA keeps hitting home runs. After finally reaching Pluto, NASA announced on Thursday that their planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope...

Jul 24 ·>

Mid-sized Tablets’ Showdown: iPad mini 3 vs Nexus 9

The latest mid-sized tablet offerings from Apple and Google went official only a few hours apart earlier this month....

Oct 22 ·>