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A win for Privacy. Mozilla bans cookies with the new Total Cookie Protection feature

For privacy-focused users, who are particularly bothered by cookies tracking them, Mozilla has a viable solution. Mozilla – the...

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Feb 26 ·>

Mozilla launches Firefox 83 with HTTPS-only mode and faster performance

The new and improved Firefox is finally here. Mozilla launched Firefox 83 with HTTPS-only Mode, performance improvements, and new...

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Nov 19 ·>

NITB warns citizens using Mozilla browsers about Phishing attacks

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) announced that critical vulnerabilities have been found in some products of Mozilla i.e....

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Oct 8 ·>

Mozilla Uses People’s Stories to Chastise YouTube to Fix Their Algorithm Problem

Mozilla is trying to shame YouTube to fix its recommendations algorithm setup which can prove to be quite scarring...

Sep 16 ·>

Mozilla is rolling out a subscription plan for ad free news

Back in February, Mozilla released a blog in which it discussed why the model of free internet with ads...

Jul 10 ·>

This Internet group thinks Mozilla is an ‘internet villain’

We all know Mozilla for its popular browser Firefox, and we have never had reason to assume that the...

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Jul 9 ·>

This new Mozilla FireFox update will stop hackers from secretly mining cryptocurrency

This could finally resolve the crypto-jacking problem (to an extent) faced by internet users around the globe. You are...

Apr 25 ·>

Microsoft executive says Mozilla should admit defeat and adopt Chrome’s technology

A Microsoft executive wants Mozilla to finally admit that its browser technology has lost against Chromium and should finally...

Jan 30 ·>

Mozilla plans user interface refresh and better Gmail support for Thunderbird

The development team behind the Mozilla’s Thunderbird e-mail client have announced their ambitions for 2019, the major focus of...

Jan 4 ·>

Mozilla CEO criticizes Microsoft’s’ decision of abandoning EdgeHTML engine

Microsoft has long a history of launching unsuccessful browsers and in that process has earned a bad name and...

Dec 10 ·>

This Mozilla add-on prevents Facebook from tracking web activity

After the Facebook data controversy, a lot of users have been deleting their accounts or disabling the data sharing...

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Mar 28 ·>

Mozilla halts advertisements on Facebook platform

Facebook has access to the data of over 2 billion users. It has supremely intimate information about its users...

Mar 26 ·>

Mozilla brings ‘Firefox focus’ for fast and smart features

Over the past few years, we have seen tremendous improvements in the web browsers. They have become more efficient...

Dec 16 ·>

Mozilla introduced Firefox Quantum, 2X faster than the original Firefox

Firefox was once the most loved and most used internet browser. But then Google Chrome took its place and...

Nov 16 ·>
Firefox Quantum

Mozilla launches file-sharing tool for Firefox

After a long time, Mozilla has launched three test pilot experiment updates for its web browser Firefox. The experimental...

Aug 2 ·>

Firefox Gets A Redesign With New Floatier Tabs

In recent news, Mozilla gave a new redesign for Firefox where the main focus has been on the outlook...

Jun 2 ·>

Microsoft Claims Edge Browser As The Best Performing Browser On Windows 10

In recent news, Microsoft has claimed its flagship browser Microsoft Edge as the best desktop browser in terms of...

May 27 ·>

WordPress to block Google’s ad tracking on almost half of the Internet’s websites

Open-source content management system (CMS) WordPress said it would block Google’s new ad tracking technology. The company said that...

Apr 21 ·>

Google is speeding up its release cycles for Chrome

In a recent announcement, Google has announced that it will be speeding up the ever-popular browser’s release cycle by...

Mar 5 ·>

Not applying the latest Windows 10 updates may result in system crash

If you haven’t “Restarted” your system to let the Windows security updates go through, you may need to do...

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Mar 2 ·>

#WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy – So suddenly we are all privacy centric?

WhatsApp has announced changes to its Privacy Policy which will take effect from 8th February. The question now arises...

Jan 9 ·>

Pakistani white-hat hacker finds vulnerabilities in multiple mobile browsers

Renowned Pakistani white-hat hacker and information security researcher, Rafay Baloch, has found vulnerabilities in multiple browsers. Rafay has published...

Oct 20 ·>

Microsoft releases new Chromium-based Edge browser through Windows update

Microsoft’s web browsers, particularly Internet Explorer, have received a lot of criticism in the past for being woefully slow....

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Jun 4 ·>

Meet Wajahat Karim, Pakistan’s first Android Google Developer Expert (GDE)

Wajahat Karim an open-source contributor, android developer, and writer has now become a Google Developer Expert in the field...

Feb 20 ·>