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Sindh Police gets latest 4G Phone Locator technology to trace calls

The Sindh Police’s Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) has obtained a latest 4G phone locator system. The multi-million rupee 4G...

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Jan 23 · >

How to block your lost or stolen phone in Pakistan

There are many ways to track your lost/stolen phone. But if you think these are not helping, you may...

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Apr 29 · >

Top 10 Android Applications by Pakistani Developers

Pakistanis are striding ahead in many fields but IT crowd in Pakistan has grown prominent in the past few...

Feb 5 · >

5 apps to download before leaving for Hajj

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has launched various apps to assist Hajj pilgrims in performing their Hajj and staying...

Jul 26 · >

Samsung Galaxy S8 just saved lives of 20 people, thanks to its water resistance

A Galaxy S8 unit has survived more than 30 minutes underwater. Days after Samsung was accused of false claims...

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Jul 19 · >

How innovative technology products are helping Pakistani businesses grow

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that technology has successfully pegged itself to the evolution of the human...

Sep 20 · >

PSO’s Station Finder app lets you find the nearest fuel pump

Don’t like stopping and asking people for directions to the nearest fuel pump right? It’s about time that PSO...

Aug 18 · >

Lahore Transportation debuts “Bus Da Pata” application

Transportation applications can be time savers for people commuting on a daily basis. Lahore transportation company (LTC) launched a...

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Jun 15 · >

Samsung Galaxy Tab S: 8 Things You Should Know Before You Buy It

Planning to buy a new tablet, and considering Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4/10.5 as your next? Hold that thought!...

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Nov 7 · >

P@SHA Launchpad 2014 Result Details are Here!

P@SHA held its Sixth Launchpad this year and the winners have long been declared. The prize money of 1...

Jul 10 · >

Top Islamic apps for Android and iOS

The holy month of Ramazan is upon us and while we should always be mindful of our religious duties...

Jul 3 · >