Pakistani content creators fear loss of livelihood amidst recent social media bans

Hamza Zakir • October 15, 2020

Data of over 200 million Social Media Profiles got exposed in a massive Data Leak

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Turkey has passed a controversial law for social media regulation

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Labayk; The first social media app that runs on the principles of Islam

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NCOC created a committee for stopping the spread of false information on the social media

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The U.S. government is considering banning popular Chinese social media app TikTok

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Active Social Media presence can help Punjab Government in better decision making

Naima Rabbie • June 15, 2020

University Students are being Rusticated for Protesting Online Classes on Social Media

Taha Abdullah • June 10, 2020

OPPO’s Musical Week Takes Pakistan Social Media by Storm

Press Release • April 23, 2020

Asia Internet Coalition wants Pakistan Government to reconsider newly released social media regulations

Faisal Ashfaq • February 14, 2020

Govt to ban social media services after the excessive use during office hours

AbuBakar • November 21, 2019

Pakistanis react on Twitter over the suspension of social media accounts posting in support of Kashmir

Sajeel Syed • August 19, 2019

Social media is useful to raise voice for rights: Fawad Ch

Faisal Saeed • July 30, 2019

PTA responds to social media banning claim saying their chairman has been misquoted

Shaheryar Ehsan • July 27, 2019

PTA chief suggests to block social media in Pakistan over blasphemous content

Faisal Saeed • July 26, 2019

Chairperson Senate committee on IT calls for action against misuse of social media

Sajeel Syed • July 19, 2019

Committee formed to revise laws to tackle fake news on social media: Senate panel

Sajeel Syed • July 11, 2019

Senate committee summons PTA & FIA over offensive content on social media

Faisal Saeed • July 9, 2019

Police to take strict action against hate speech preachers on social media

Faisal Saeed • July 1, 2019

Police registers FIR against citizen for ‘anti-state propaganda’ on social media

Sajeel Syed • June 21, 2019

FIA arrests PML-N’s youth wing leader over hateful content on social media

Faisal Saeed • June 18, 2019

Pakistani social media automation product ContentStudio tops Product Hunt

Asra Rizwan • June 14, 2019