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You can now send more than 10 photos at once on WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows Android users to send 30 photos at once. Facebook-owned messaging platform has quietly rolled out this...

Feb 27 · >

WhatsApp is testing 24-hour Stories like Snapchat and Instagram

WhatsApp beta is reportedly testing ephemeral Stories, 24-hour feed, like Snapchat and Instagram. The Facebook-owned messaging app already features...

Feb 17 · >

Google releases Allo: A smarter messaging app to take on WhatsApp

Google recently released “Duo”, a video chatting app aimed to compete with Apple’s FaceTime. Now Google is hoping to...

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Sep 21 · >

New WhatsApp Gold scam tricks WhatsApp users into downloading malware on their phones

If you get a message about downloading an exclusive too-good-to-be-true version of WhatsApp called “WhatsApp Gold”, don’t download it....

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May 26 · >

WhatsApp goes down in Pakistan for the third time in one week

If you experienced WhatsApp down it probably wasn’t because of a slow WiFi connection. There have been several instances...

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May 22 · >

It’s not just you, WhatsApp was down today in Pakistan

The most popular instant-messaging service on the planet, WhatsApp, faced a temporary outage today in Pakistan as users took...

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May 18 · >

WhatsApp is now availabe for firefox & opera users

WhatsApp announced a Web Client for its famous mobile messaging app last month which was only compatible to Google...

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Feb 26 · >

Disable WhatsApp Read Receipt And Safely Ignore People Again

WhatsApp caused panic among its users when it decided to change the read receipt notification which added blue ticks...

Nov 17 · >

15 Funny Responses To New WhatsApp Update

Facebook’s owned WhatsApp has launched a new update which notifies if the post is read through receipt. The read...

Nov 7 · >

5 big announcements from Facebook’s F8 developer conference by Mark Zuckerburg

Facebook’s F8 is an annual conference focussed on developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services around the social...

May 2 · >

70 million people are posting ‘Stories’ on Facebook Messenger and we’re as surprised as you are

How many times have you used Facebook Messenger for posting ‘Stories’? Turns out quite a large number of people...

Sep 15 · >

Facebook copies Snapchat Stories again to introduce ‘Messenger Day’

Facebook has rolled out ‘Messenger Day’ – a Snapchat Stories clone – in the Messenger app, globally. At the...

Mar 10 · >

Twitter’s ‘For You’ Page Will Only Have Tweets From Premium Subscribers

Elon Musk said in his recent Tweets that only verified accounts will appear in Twitter’s recommendation feed, many think...

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Mar 29 · >

Amazon Delivered Fake Version Of iPhone 14 Pro Max To a Man In India

Akshaythunga, use Amazon India to order the newest model of iPhone 14 Pro Max, but after receiving the parcel,...

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Feb 13 · >

Bahawalpur Police Have Started To Digitally Register Private Institute Employees

Inspector General of Police Punjab Aamir Zulfiqar Khan recently directed the department to use modern policing, especially the provision...

Jan 26 · >

France Fines Microsoft $60M For Violating Users’ Privacy

Microsft has been served with the biggest fine as French privacy watchdog on Thursday fined U.S. tech giant Microsoft...

Dec 22 · >

Facebook has launched Monetization Option For Pakistani Creators

Meta( parent company of Facebook) has launched its latest monetization feature, Facebook Stars, which is eligible for creators in...

Dec 12 · >

Internet Problems Due To Submarine Cable Cut Have Been Resolved- PTCL

The internet of Pakistan continues to find ways to give headaches to users but luckily this time it was...

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Nov 30 · >

Submarine Cable Fault Slows Down Internet Speed In Pakistan

On Wednesday, some internet users had to face slow internet aftermath of the reports of a fault in SMW5,...

Nov 3 · >

Watsapp Is Blocking Screenshot For View Once Images And Videos

WhatsApp added the ability to send views once media is on its platform in August 2021. The feature allows...

Oct 5 · >

Full Size Image Previews Are Coming To Twitter

No longer will you have to see the cropped version of images on Twitter as the company has released...

May 6 · >

#CivilWarinPakistan trend shows Fake News part of Indian 5th Gen Warfare needs stronger deterrence

When the recent protests against the government reached the peak this Sunday, several doctored images and misrepresented videos,  began...

Apr 19 · >

NITB Warns Android Users Of Malware Through Fake Netflix App

In recent news, the National Information Technology Board has determined that an app by the name of ‘FlixOnline’ has...

Apr 14 · >

KP Police launches Automated Complaints Redressal System

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Police has launched the automated Police Complaints Redressal System (PCRS) in Peshawar, which aims to provide “speedy...

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Mar 29 · >