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Pentagon’s ex-software chief says that China has won AI battle against the US

The United States and China are two of the most technologically advanced nations on this planet in recent times....

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Oct 13 ·>

Researchers develop A.I based “sarcasm detector” for social media

Developing a better understanding of customer feedback on social media platforms is crucial for brands’ success, but it is...

May 16 ·>

President Alvi stresses deploying Artificial Intelligence to predict COVID-19 like epidemics

On Monday, President Dr. Arif Alvi underscored the need for acquiring the help of medical professionals in the fields...

May 5 ·>

Lack of A.I in digital marketing is impacting marketing initiatives, a report reveals

According to Gartner, a Global Research and Advisory Company,  a lack of artificial intelligence and machine learning usage in...

Apr 16 ·>

Campaign launched to ban “Gender recognition tech” due to its implications for trans individuals

Dangers posed by facial recognition like mass surveillance and mistaken identity have been widely discussed in recent years. But...

Apr 16 ·>

China launches army of robots sparking renewed fears of the rise of machines

Chinese robotics firm Unitree recently shared a video on Twitter that made many people believe that a robot takeover...

Apr 14 ·>

IBM introduces an AI based robot that creates fine art paintings

Artificial Intelligence takes another leap in creativity as IBM Japan recently introduced a robot that has the power to...

Mar 10 ·>

Artificial Intelligence surprises experts by writing a winning college paper

Artificial Intelligence has delivered results in a lot of areas; including medicine, defense, law enforcement, and education. But, in...

Feb 25 ·>

You may have to play and win video games to land jobs. Here is how

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are not just two buzzwords but technologies that continue to produce a profound impact...

Feb 16 ·>

DeepMind Lab2D, a scalable environment simulator for Artificial Intelligence open-sourced

DeepMind, a UK based Artificial Intelligence (AI) company and research laboratory owned by Alphabet Inc, just open-sourced Lab2D, an...

Nov 17 ·>

AI can now predict your age, gender, and more using just your heart rate and motion data

Researchers from the University of Cambridge along with the Alan Turing Institute have published a study in which they...

Nov 11 ·>

AWS releases AI toolkit to help predict COVID-19’s spread

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) machine learning team has released an open-source machine learning toolkit that helps predict the spread...

Nov 2 ·>