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The World’s first website was made available to public 25 years ago

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The internet marks and celebrates the silver jubilee of the world’s first website which got online for the first time about 25 years ago.

Tim Berners, the then CERN scientist, made World Wide Web inaugural page available at CERN in December 1990, but it was only by August 6th, 1991, that the world’s first website was made it to the general public. Quietly, Tim Berner made the announcement on several internet newsgroups including alt.hypertext.

Introducing the WWW, the post read, “The World Wide Web (WWW) project aims to allow links to be made to any information anywhere. The address format includes an access method (=namespace), and for most name spaces a hostname and some sort of path.”

Tim Berners submitted the proposal to develop a distributed information system at CERN further back, on March 12th, 1989.

Since then, the internet has progressed much. Later in 1993, NCSA released a web browser for the general public namely Mosaic and CERN made the web free.

The website is still available and can be visited following the link available here.

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