Institute of Space Technology (IST)


Another one of HEC’s top-10 ranked universities in engineering, Institute of Space Technology (IST) specializes in Aerospace Engineering and Communication Systems Engineering.

Their main domain is in Space Engineering like Space Science and Aerospace and Avionics Engineering, but they also offer programs in Electrical, Material Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. They don’t exactly deal with the technology in the sense of the traditional Computer Science stuff and are more concerned with the application of technology for Space.

Technology Programs IST

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Avionics Engineering

Access the full course list from over here.


Business Incubation Centre


  • Islamabad


The form-submission for applicants can be done from April to August.

Fee Structure:

Total One-time fee at the time of admission is Rs.35,000 while per-semester fees is Rs.67,000. Hostel charges are an additional Rs.41,000 and transport(if applicable) is Rs.20,000.

Note: The full fee structure can be found over here.

Source: Official Website

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