Twitter’s Head of Safety and Trust Resigns From the Company

Head of safety and trust, Ella Irwin resigns from Twitter at a time where the platform is struggling to retain advertisers on its platform

Twitter head of Safety and Trust has recently confirmed her resignation from the social media company, resigning at a time where Twitter is facing harsh criticism for its lax protections against harmful content, ever since billionaire Elon Musk took over the company.

Irwin, similar to a lot of new top positions, was a new hire and joined the company just 2 months before Musk bought the platform in a $43 billion deal. According to details, Irwin got a promotion and took over as the head of safety and trust in just 2 months since the previous head Yoel Roth resigned after Musk stepped into office.

Media channels asking Twitter about the details of this resignation received an automated ‘poop emoji’ in reply to their email whereas Irwin has decided to be quiet on the matter, giving no statement about the details of her resignation.

Irwin’s resignation from Twitter, comes at a time when the platform is struggling to retail its advertisers as brands continue to boycott Twitter advertisements in fear of appearing beside ‘unsuitable content’.

Elon Musk acquisition has been heavy on Twitter, purchased for $44 billion, the company is now valued at $15 billion, a large number of its employees have either resigned or have been fired and the platform is continually experiencing issues with its revenue amidst the advertising crisis.

Musk has also recently introduced a new feature named ‘Community Notes’, which allows users to add context to tweets, making them easier to understand. He has also hired a new Twitter CEO ‘Linda Yaccarino’, who previously worked as universal’s advertising chief.

Twitter is also facing heavy scrutiny from regulators over issues such as content moderation, specifically from the EU.


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