Windows Will Soon Allow You to Force Quit Apps Without Using Task Manager

According to details revealed by Microsoft at the Build developers conference, the ‘force quit’ option will be placed on the taskbar, similar to the force quit option found in MacOS

If you belong to the majority 74% percent of the world’s PC users, using the windowsOS, then you probably know about the mighty ‘task manager’, a tool any windows user summons when he is left with no other option but to ‘force kill’ an application.

Force killing/quitting an application through the task manager, however, is a lengthy process and can even sometimes be difficult for people who are new to WindowsOS. Microsoft realized this problem and has now introduced a new way to force quit an application.

Microsoft has added a ‘force quit’ option that is available on the taskbar. Quite similar to the force quit option found in the MacOS, the new feature will save time and offer a much simpler user experience.

Now confirmed by Microsoft at its Build developers conference, news leaks and reports had already predicted this ‘force quit’ feature quite a while back, when it was found in the early test versions of Windows 11.

Force quit is not the only new addition to the Windows11 taskbar, Microsoft has also introduced the “never combine” mode in its latest test build. According to details, this mode will enable individual applications to be displayed on the taskbar alongside their respective labels.

While these taskbar features were not really discussed during the initial stages of the Windows11, it seems that Microsoft now wants to release them through frequent updates.

Apart from taskbar features, there is a lot more coming to the Windows11, some features revealed by Microsoft at the Build developers conference included: native support for popular archive formats such as RAR, Tar, 7-zip, and gz, Windows Copilot AI assistant, and a dedicated Dev Home for developers.


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